Now that the nice weather is here, my neighborhood had it’s annual kick off of spring block party. It’s usually a nice event, barbeques, a live band, a few dozen families. One of the newer members of the neighborhood I didn’t know well was there with his wife. He was handsome and well built, she looked pretty snotty and fake to me.

The husband and I flirted all night, he was cooking the steaks and I hung around bantering back and forth with him. His wife glared at me a few times over the evening, but I didn’t care, he was a good looking and witty man and I was enjoying his company and I thing he was enjoying mine as well from the sounds of it. I then looked down and thought from the looks of it he was as well, since there was a bulge in his pants. He saw me looking, too, and I smirked at him and winked.


He and I broke away from the crowd after he was finished cooking and his wife was nowhere to be found. We soon found ourselves in someone’s backyard a few houses down from the cul de sac the party was being held in and sat down at a picnic table in the darkened backyard and were talking quietly when he reached over and kissed me. I didn’t stop him, I kissed him back passionately and ran my hand up his thigh and squeezed his crotch, which was still rock hard. I unzipped him and started caressing his cock, pumping it in my hand and I stood up, reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down and bent over the table.

I felt his hands on the backs of my thighs, rubbing up and down and up to my ass cheeks. His fingers entering and rubbing my pussy from behind, I was already dripping wet as his fingertips swirled all over my clit and I bucked up against him. He got closer to me and I felt the tip of his cock nestle between my pussy lips and then glide inside of me, all wet and slippery. Pumping back and forth, feeling his balls slap against my ass as he fucked me as I leaned on the picnic table. He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back against his cock, really ramming it into me

I was panting as I was about to cum and he was grunting behind me and all of a sudden I felt him explode inside me and his cock that was filling me up pulled up and a river of his cum dripped down the inside of my thigh. We were catching our breath when we heard a gasp and turned around to see his wife standing there with her jaw hanging open like a stunned possum. I just smiled at her as he zipped up and silently marched off with her and I was left there still bent over the picnic table, my panties a crumpled heap on the table as I could hear her nattering away at him as they walked home. Yes, block parties could always be so much fun!

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