I had been flirting with this guy who was working on my apartment. My roommates and I would sit back and watch his muscles as he painted the walls. He was tall, blonde, blue eyes, the typical American boy I didn’t usually go for. However a smile like his could melt even the coldest pussy in the room.

I started to flirt shamelessly with him. I should have been brought up on charges for sexual harassment but looking the way he did, he had it coming.  Skip forward to when I got him onto the sofa for a hot make out session. My roommates had gone out and Mike came over to watch a movie.

Hands were everywhere all over my body. I wore a short skirt and no panties. He fingered my soft folds until he found that wet little nub. I was so turned on I straddled him and pulled out his cock. While jacking him off I asked if he had a condom. He said no, go figure I didn’t either. I told him we couldn’t fuck but we could do anything else. Funny he took that as a challenge.  I was on my back in a flash. He was kneeing my legs open and probing his cock against my pussy lips. 

I panicked since I wasn’t using birth control. I was fighting against him to stop. I kept saying “Mike! We can’t! I have no condoms and I’m not on the pill” That made him even more aggressive. He slipped into me and started POUNDING, I mean from tip to past his ball pounding.

I was pushing against his chest to get him off of me. Only he held me down and angled his cock to slid with more pressure against my g-spot. WTF? Was he gonna try to get me pregnant? I couldn’t get pregnant for the simple fact I am a college student. Plus I wanted to have kids when I was ready with someone I would be married to.

I begged for him to please not cum inside of me. I was near tears but his cock felt so good ramming into me. At the height of my orgasm I had tears and I was still fighting against him. I felt his blow his load into me. Crap, Crap, CRAP! That mother fucker came inside me! I was gonna get pregnant for sure. I pushed him off and he had the biggest smile on his handsome yet very cocky face. I ran to the bathroom and scooped out the cum. I kicked him out and went to Rite Aid for a Morning After pill.

I still saw Mike after that. He didn’t know it, but I was on the pill now. I just lied and said I wasn’t. He liked the idea of possibly getting me pregnant…


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