Brandi finds her husband cheating Part 1

Didn’t know what to think about the thought of my husband cheating.  I mean, yeah I cheated on him more times than I can count but it’s an arraignment we have.  I fuck him, and anyone else I want, and we are all happy.  So imagine my surprise when I walked into the door of our house and the smell of sex hits me hard.  I instantly got wet.  Then a second later I heard it.  The moans of a woman and the sound of bodies slapping together.

It was almost more than I could take.  But who the fuck was it.  As I walk through the house the smell and sounds get stronger and it’s all I can do not to put my hands down my shorts.  I get to the cracked door of our bedroom and I have no idea how to process what I am looking at!  My husband has some brunette’s legs up in the air, ass at the edge of our bed, and fucking the shit out of her!  I should be pissed, right?  I’m too turned on to be mad.  I stand there, pussy aching, and try to process my emotions.

OMG, it is so fucking hot!

I reach down and begin to rub my swollen clit as I watch her titties move as he pounds her.   I can see his cock going in and out of her beautiful pussy.  His balls are swinging back and forth and his cock is glistening with her juices.  I bet she has come at least twice already.  I’m so close myself.  I slide 2 fingers in and rub my clit with my palm as I work for my hand back and forth.  Then she lets out the loud scream of her release as he throws his head back moaning out his.  That is my straw.  I try to be quiet but my release is louder than I think and when I open my eyes they are both looking at me as they scramble for clothes.


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