Humiliation ~ Yes, You Will Listen to Everything I have to Say!

Humiliation, is that what you need to feel good about yourself? You pathetic worm. How dare you come crawling on all fours to my feet begging for my scraps. You disgust me.

Humiliation is to good for you. Do you know why you tiny dick waste of space? Because you do not deserve any of my time or attention. Just the mere thought of you makes me gag. I would love to see your teeny weeny wannabe cock shrivel up and fall off.

Do you think this harsh humiliation? You have not seen anything yet. I could stop on your cock and physically mutilate your pathetic flap of skin you call DICK.  You and I both know it is just a stretched out engorged clit!

Fuck you, BITCH!

Are you really getting tears in your eyes you fucking sissy? Only asshole bitches cry. Are you a coward little bitch? Do I scare you so much that you want to piss your panties? You should be scared because my stiletto mashing your balls is the best accessory you will ever have.

Do not dare call yourself a man. You are not a man. A real man has a dick and balls that can be used for their own pleasure. The only pleasure yours give is when I actually enjoy myself humiliating and whipping them to my satisfaction.

A sissy you ask, you want to be called a sissy. I don’t think so because sissy boys look good in what I dress them in. You look like a diseased disgusting saggy pile of dog shit. Since you are not a sissy and are definitely NOT a man then I suppose we will just have to call you dog. Although, I do prefer the company of my dog better than the humiliation of your company. Yes, I am humiliated by you.

Cum here my humiliation doggy!

I cannot be bothered with your whining so I will muzzle you like the fucking filthy dog you are. If you piss me off further I may even have you neutered. No wait, I am afraid you would love it too much. I don’t want to take away the very thing that reminds you of how pathetic you are. After all, the only fun I have with you is in humiliation.

Don’t speak, don’t whimper, really just don’t utter a single sound. I put your cock in a cage. There now, we don’t want that sad little thing getting carried away, now do we?

I grab your balls and pull them hard and tight. I begin to spank them with a single leather strap. That hurts, really I do know. You can’t tell me it does but with every snap you jerk and that hurts you worse since I have your balls pulled so tightly.

Good dog, take this humiliation and if you enjoy it I will just make it worse. Of course, we both know that is exactly what you want, isn’t it?

Dance for me doggy

It is okay, as a phone sex operator I have lots of tricks in my purse. For instance, I will freeze your balls until they turn blue. Then when you are sure that you can’t take a minute more. I will prance you around in front of my friends. We will make so much fun of your blue balls. I know you will beg to warm them up but you can’t since you are muzzled.

One of the ladies who has a softer heart than I do takes your balls and places them in her mouth. Walking over I ask, are they getting warm now? Looking down at stroking them with her tongue I see you thrust into her mouth more. Smiling, yes I suppose that does.

I know you told me that you were really not into cock and ball torture but I did not care because humiliation is just not enough for me. After all, I do NOT care what you want or how you feel. You will get whatever I choose to give you and as my dog bitch, you will do whatever I say when I say it.

You are forbidden!

Today I will not allow you to cum. You are forbidden from touching yourself. I am Mistress Simone and unless you want me fucking your stretched out well-used asshole with my fire poker you will NOT be touching your tiny male clit.

Are you into humiliation? Call me now & I’ll be your fantasy phonesex girl! Maybe if you pay me enough I might agree to let you cum. Most likely I won’t though consider yourself warned.

Phone Sex