Happy Humiliation St Patty’s Day – All Little Dick Men Get Lucky

I know it’s not easy being a little dick man. It’s easier to humiliate and make him feel less of a man. So it should come to no surprise, how I treat a little dick craving some sexual relief, even if it was in the form of humiliation.

I felt sorry for Petey. All the girls knew him as “Little Man.”  No one would give his shrimp – peanut size dick any satisfaction. I took him to a sorority house on St Patty’s Day thinking it would be an easy score. Especially with a house filled with horny sluts. I couldn’t resist the temptation, of displaying his little dick for them all to see.

The whispers and giggles grew louder, as he stood there in total humiliation. One girl said, “What do you expect us to do with that?” Another girl said, “What is that anyway?” The poor little guy stood there with his little clitty dick in hand and turned 50 shades of red with humiliation.

Finally, Becky the Bimbo, gave in and pitty fucked him right there in front of everyone. They all started cheering him on.  He attempted to fuck her missionary style. “What a joke?  LOL” Becky said, “Is it in yet?” All the girls started laughing.  Slowly, his poor little eraser dick slipped out of her hole. One of the other girls offered to let him fuck her virgin ass. Perfect tight fit. She squealed, as his one-inch dick slipped inside. “Oh no!” Becky exclaimed. Petey was done before he even started. Mr three pump chump couldn’t get the job done. He blew his load in seconds.

Does this form of humiliation sound all too familiar to you?

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