I was bored one day and stumbled on human cattle farm porn. Now me being the curious little slut I am I decided to watch it. I watched as they took the human girls and tied them to post, beating them, milking them and fucking them. One of the videos had a link that sent me to a site for my local human cattle farm. After watching the promotional videos I knew I had to experience it for myself.

So I saved up the money and paid for a full week at the human cattle farm. Becoming super excited as I filled out the forms. I opted for the full experience. Hell, you only live once right? I wanted to be treated like a true human cow for one week. Plus the idea of being bred really gets my pussy soaked!

It was finally the day, I was going to be a human cow for a week. I showed up to the ranch and was stripped of all clothes, shaved of all unwanted body hair and then presented to her new Master. He told her that for the next week she would be 100% owned by him. I would be his property and as such, I would only do as I was instructed. He would control everything. I would no longer make my own decisions.

Being on the human cattle farm was going to be intense!

I was then placed in a collar and on a leash and then walked out on all fours to the barn. I was placed into my stable where for the next week I was to live as a human cow. The first day was just me being introduced to the other “cows”, walked around the pasture, and showed the milking and breeding rooms. I was taken back to my stable and fed and watered from a trough and then slept on hay for the night. The first night was a rough adjustment but I made it through.

The next day I was woken up at dawn and fed. I was then led to the milking room where I was hooked up to a machine and had two suction cups placed over my nipples. He turned the machine on and this hard suction started to pull on my nipples. It was slightly painful and it felt like it was never going to end. Then to my shock milk started coming out of my nipples and the pain subsided to pleasure.

The more I was milked the more my pussy became wet. My Master came over to me and slid his fingers up and down to see how wet my pussy was. He fingered my pussy until I was squeezing his fingers and on the verge of cumming. Master pulled his fingers out and unhooked me from the milking machine. He then led me to the breeding rooms and tied me to one of the posts in the room.

This human cow was about to get bred!

I heard my Master undress behind me and then felt his hard cock slid into my tight pussy. He grabbed my hips and pounded into me. Fucking me like the disgusting human cattle I am. He fucked me until he filled me with cum and then left me there until he was ready to fuck and fill me again. This was making my inner cum slut so happy. He fucked me over and over, draining his balls completely and then leading me and my cum filled pussy back to my stall.

For the next week I was treated like the slut I am. My Master rented out my pussy to guys visiting the ranch. All of them fucking me and using me and cumming in me to their heart’s content.  By the end of the week, I just knew I was pregnant. I mean how could I not be? Ever wanted to visit a human cattle farm and get your freak on? Why not give me a call for some human bestiality phone sex and let us have some fun together?

What are you waiting for sexy?