When I first met my stepson, he had just turned twelve.  He was tall for his age, almost 5’9 and he was an athlete, so had a very nice and manly physique.  At first, he acted aloof towards me and was very rude.  I attributed that to his age and to the fact that he may have felt resentful towards me on his mother’s behalf so I dealt with him as patiently as I was able to.

Sometimes Johnny would surprise me in very sweet ways.  I remember the morning he brought coffee and a granola bar up to my bedroom, his version of breakfast in bed.  Another time, after finishing his chore of mowing the front yard and weeding, he brought me a bouquet of hand picked roses from the garden.

Then there were the times, usually in front of his friends, when he would smart off to me in the rudest and most embarrassing ways.  I didn’t know what to make of Johnny but I hoped things would get better between us.  I hated to admit it, but I truly wanted him to like me.

One Friday night, while my husband was away on business, I asked Johnny and his younger siblings if they wanted to have a movie, pizza and game night.   We watched a horror movie, ate pizza and I taught them how to play poker as we had root beer floats.

The younger kids went to bed but Johnny stayed behind.  He was getting really good at poker and we played a few hands before I announced it was late and time for him to go to bed.

“One more hand.  But let’s bet something.”  He insisted.

“Bet what? I thought you told me you ran out of your allowance money.” I said.

“I did.  But we can bet something that isn’t money.” he said.

“Okay, how about this?” I said, “If I win, you have to wash my car tomorrow.  Inside and out.  You have to make that thing sparkle.”

“Deal.” he said, “And if I win… you have to let me hug you for five minutes.”

My eyes widened.  At first I wondered why he would want to hug me as a prize then his words repeated in my head.  For FIVE minutes.  I instantly knew how inappropriate that was but after all, I really did want Johnny to like me.  Before I could really give it any more thought, I said, “Deal.”

He won the hand of course.  Maybe I was a bit too tired and discarded those two aces without really thinking.  He showed his three of a kind triumphantly after I laid down my pair of sevens.  He smiled at me.

“Okay.  Five minutes.  And I’ll watch the clock.” he said, standing up.  I stood up and looked at him awkwardly, even feeling a bit shy.  I was wearing my pajama bottoms and a T shirt with no bra underneath and as I stood in front of him, I felt my nipples starting to harden.  Nerves, I thought.

He looked into my eyes and wrapped his arms around me.  He pulled me close to him, with one of his hands pressed against my back, between my shoulder blades and the other on the small of my back.  I put my hands on his shoulders at first, then wrapped them around him and layed my head against his chest.

We stood there for five minutes, hugging each other tightly.  We breathed in time with each other.  He smelled good and he felt like a man holding me, not a twelve year old boy.  His arms felt strong.  When he reached up and stroked my hair, I felt my pussy dampen and I held him tighter.

I felt the hard bulge of his cock pressing against my hip and I moved slightly to allow it to rest against my pubic bone.  When I did this, Johnny let out a long sigh and kissed the side of my head.

After five minutes, he released me and we stood looking at each other for a minute.  I’m sure my face was flushed but he seemed very calm.  His smile was that of a satisfied lover.  I broke the silence by saying, “Go to bed now, Johnny.  It’s after midnight.”

“Okay, good night.” he said.  “We should play again next Friday.”

I watched him walk up the stairs and after a few minutes, I got into bed, pulled off my pajama bottoms and masturbated, cumming in about thirty seconds.  That short encounter was one of the most erotic moments of my life up until then and watching Johnny grow up to be the handsome young man that he is now… makes me really long for another five minute hug.

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