Huge uncut dick is really a game-changer for more inexperienced girls. I love dick; you know this. Sucking, fucking, riding, stroking – I love it all! But when I first learned about cock, I just assumed that uncut was more than I could handle. I tried to avoid it if I could. Now that I’ve been “around the block” a time or two, I admit I was wrong. Some of the best fucking of my life has been by huge uncut dick. My pussy soaks just thinking of it!

There’s a Difference? Who Knew?

I suppose sexual education is taught a bit different everywhere. Growing up in the midwest, we learned the bare basic minimum to be considered “sex-ed”! All of the boys and girls separated into different rooms. We watched awkward anatomy videos showing what we looked like on the inside. Then, they had horrible roleplay scenarios demonstrating how boys and girls “liked” each other. Of course, abstinence was the only thing we learned about from that point on. Therefore, we were never instructed about what cocks look like, how to touch them, how to make them feel good. We weren’t even told about how to make our own cunts feel good!

We took the practical learning into our own hands. (haha) I’ll never forget the first time I learned about cut and uncut cocks. One of my friends said she was jerking off her boyfriend over the weekend. He showed her how to pull back and massage the foreskin over the head of his cock. The only one I’d ever tried to do that to didn’t have that capability. That’s when Missy – who had brothers – explained about cut and uncut cocks. From then on, I was obsessed with getting my hands on one for closer inspection.

Science Side of Hand-Jobs

It didn’t take me long to find willing participants in my clinical research. They immediately knew when I asked about “cut or uncut.” Three of us went to the staff bathroom for a busty teen handjob. I pulled off my top and showed them my tits. You know, for science. Then, once they were nice and hard, they pulled their cocks out. I dropped to my knees and took both the cut and uncut one in both hands and stroked them. There was definitely a difference in how they felt. The cut one needed lube or precum. Whereas, I could keep fisting the uncut one for as long as he’d let me.

I started sucking the cut one and he squirmed an awful lot. I obsessed over the uncut cock and focused my attention there. Every time I’d pull down to his base, I’d lick and swirl over the head of his cock. It drove him absolutely wild. He barely had time to whimper that he was cumming before he shot his load all over my face. The other guy came in my hair seeing the first guy. I needed more data, though.

Riding Huge Uncut Dick

Ultimately, the real “feel” test came at a party over the summer. Two guys volunteered to be willing test subjects. I got them ready, just as before, sucking and stroking them both. Except for this time, I decided to climb on top of them. I started there because that’s what I knew. That’s what I’d experienced before. I told him just to lie back and let me roll my hips. Focusing entirely on how his cock slid inside of me, I squeezed my pussy and milked the cum out of him quickly.

Next, it was time for the huge uncut dick. He was still hard as fuck watching me ride his friend. Thighs spread, I desperately tried to force my pussy to stretch over his monster cock. I whined and whimpered so he helped, pulling down on himself. He also held my hip and tilted my slick cunt at the right angle. Still, it was excessively painful and I cried out in disappointment.

Roll With It

Instantly, he rolled me under him, threw my knees over his shoulders and plunged his huge uncut dick into my impossibly tight cunt. I screamed so long and so loud. The scientific process works, people! You should have seen his throbbing dick pounding my cunt. To this day, I still love recreating that experiment!


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