I could hear my husband calling me. “Genie, honey…..my business trip got shortened. I’m so glad to be home. Hey, honey….where is my beautiful wife? Genie? Genie….honey where are you? I could hear his footsteps louder and then his voice….”Genie? What are you doing?” He was standing in the doorway in shock as my young stud pounded my pussy like a racehorse. I couldn’t stop fucking him …..I just couldn’t stop. It was just too damn good. I don’t know what will happen to me now that my HUBBY CAUGHT ME WITH A YOUNG STUD.

Then sweaty stickiness of our bodies was so intense. Since there was no need to keep quiet I unleashed my moans and sighs of sexual pleasure knowing full well that my husband had a front row seat. I wondered if was going to cuss at us, throw something, or tear my young lover off of my body with his bare hands and beat him to a pulp and then what would he do to me. Would he beat me? Or would he throw me out in the street without a dime. The thought of the possibilities made my pussy squirt the juiciest wet, sticky, stinky juice I ever squirted.

Time seemed to go by in slow motion. He was still fucking me so good and nothing was being thrown at our heads and my husband did say a word let alone cuss us out. I pumped my pussy faster….up and down…..pumping harder to get all this good dick while I could. I sat up slightly and looked at my husband being so worried what his expression would tell me.

Our eyes caught in a deep stare. I was surprised at what I saw. I thought he would be angered or hurt or disgusted but I was way off base. He seemed to be almost as turned on as I was. I couldn’t stop staring at my husband as my young lover pulled my hips closer and slid his throbbing cock even deeper into my wet pussy as my husband watch us. I saw my husband’s cock growing in his pants. Then I saw my hubby unzip his pants and slide his hand inside his crotch. He pulled out his dick and started stroking his cock as he watched this hot young stud fuck his wife.

When I saw his cock my mouth got wet. I turned my body and got on all fours and crawled to the doorway. The young buck followed my and finger fucked my ass until I got right in front of my hubby’s cock. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and licked my hubby’s cock as my young lover slid his cock in my ass. I deep throated my husband and took it in the ass from young blonde lover. They both came at the same time. One in my ass and my hubby in my mouth.

My husband ran his fingers through my sweaty hair and  said, “So Genie, aren’t you going to introduce me to your guest? He’s staying for dinner….right? It was a very exciting and kinky day. It was a cheating cougar’s dream come true.