One hot steamy night session… I received more than I bargained for.

 There he was… In a well-tailored suit on a freshly pressed white oxford button-down long sleeve, rolled up slightly below his elbows. Black slacks perfectly hugged his cock, his hair sitting effortlessly, his beard clean-cut and shaved. To put it simply… he was the man of my dreams, everything I could ever wish for, and more. I would love to have a steamy night session with him.

He’s everywhere, and in everything, I can’t escape!

In other words, this man drove me crazy; I knew it was wrong… I knew he was married but can you blame me? Every time he walked by, I would gaze under those beautiful black eyebrows and into his deep-set emerald, green eyes. He would slightly look to the side to get a glimpse of me, just long enough to send my mind into inappropriate thoughts like a steamy night session with him… thoughts you shouldn’t be having while at work.

People are starting to notice, am I that oblivious? 

As a matter of fact, anytime I stole a glance, my pussy would throb with urging desire. If I thought about a steamy night session with him too much, I would have to go wipe my cream off in the bathroom. My professional work started deteriorating with a quickness, my co-worker Sandra always waving her hands in front of me wondering why I wasn’t mentally there and why in the hell I was sitting there biting my lip. I fantasized about having a steamy night session with this man 24/7. All I wanted was for him to show me who’s boss, I didn’t care when or where.

Back to the loft, I’d rather be at work.

Lights dim, PC fans shutting down, and housekeepers leaving for the night, he and I were the only ones on the 56th floor. I’d promised him I would stay late tonight to work on our end-of-year presentation project. I went into his office to grab some references to finish up the night. Waiting for me was my lonely $1000 a month New York loft, which sat sadly between brick buildings, entertained by Linda my next-door neighbor, who instead of loving her man with a steamy night session, showed her love by loud ear-piercing screams at 4 AM.

 It’s late maybe I’m dreaming.

Dazing off into the stack of papers and mess that made up his desk, I suddenly felt a large hand delicately wrap around my throat. My hair pulled to one side as his tongue maneuvered from my shoulder, up to my neck, and onto my cheek. I felt his massive hard bulge press upon my ass, and his hands making their way down. He gripped me, picked me up, and placed me on his desk. Ripping my thong off, he began pounding my pussy harder than a jackhammer on a construction site. The buildup reached its climax there was no going back from here…

Who needs a bonus? I’ve already been treated.

Before you know it, it’s 2:37 am and there I was, 5th round in, pressed against huge windows that overlooked the beautiful city. Every thrust had me more dazed than the last, city lights sparkling in my eyes, making me feel like this was it… I was in paradise. I only ever wished but never expected I would get a steamy night session with him. Even though we didn’t talk, and no words exchanged, just gazes, an unspoken sexual desire that has been building up, we both knew what we wanted from each other this whole time.

The cherry on top of it all…

With this in mind, the best thing about it all, was his office phone ringing every hour on the hour. Specifically his lovely wife’s name popped up on the caller ID display, probably worried and confused assuming something might have happened to him, not knowing he was busy in a late steamy night session. Stuffing this very naughty girl with all 11 inches deep inside my tight creamy pussy.

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