Most guys who have ever tried prostate milking have loved it..but then again, some guys just don’t do anal. This is a sexy little blog for you horn-dogs out there who love trying something new. You could probably google and find tons of pages of instructions.. but, you’re here right now. So let’s get on with a quick little how-to 😉And of course, if you ever need a little help.. I’m more than ready to pick up & play with you a little beforehand. I want to see how it works out for you!

The whole trick to playing with your prostate is to do it smoothly. Specially if you haven’t played with your ass before or inserted anything.. It can be tricky to even get in a position where you can. What usually works is propping your legs up on something, as you lay on the bathroom floor or on the bed, with your legs up against the wall. Now on the steps of milking that prostate and making it feel damn good..

  1. Make sure your nails are trimmed! You don’t want sharp or long nails in your ass, babe. It doesn’t work.
  2. Put on gloves if you want, and apply lube to your index & middle finger.
  3. Slide one finger in..then the other. Very slowly. Ease into it.
  4. Slide them about 2-3 inches deeper..and feel around for a round mass. That’s your prostate..and your key to one hell of an orgasm.
  5. Just stroke it. Softly. Rub the area around it, but avoid the middle.

Just follow that..maybe look up a video, if you’re scared..and give me a call. Usually, you can cum very hard from just rubbing it and stroking your cock a little. But it always helps to fall into your favorite sexy fantasy.. 😉

Come play with me.

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