How to have sex after a break up is a question that plagues many women and men. I know you’re thinking, I am single, but I have been cumming with this one dick/pussy the whole time. How can a just move on? In many cases, it could be years you have been with your ex-lover, but take it from your new sex therapist, they are already mind fucking the next you. In this how-to  Phone sex therapy session, I will merely give some examples for women and men.

How to have sex after a breakup for women

Women, we a naturally loving and nurturing creature; our first instinct is to love, please and cater. When you are fresh out of a break up it is the perfect time to throw all that shit out the window. This is when you must reach deep down and find your inter-whore The slut that you have suppressed for way too long, and let her take over. Pamper yourself, from head to toes. Go shopping with his credit card if you still have access and buy that fuck me dress that hugs your body oh so tightly.

Get the girls together

Tell the girls that you are single, they will be more than happy to help you fly your freak flag tonight. Your confidence will be through the roof as the boys buy you drink after drink. Enjoy yourself; dance until your panties get wet. Tonight you will have your choice of cock. You choose the pick of the pack and head to the hotel to fuck him and leave him in the hotel the next morning with his cock drained wondering your name. No number exchanges just a hot fuck to let off some frustration.

How to have sex after a breakup for men

Men, I’ve always heard that the best way to get over a person is to get under someone else. As crass as that may be, it just may be true. Don’t be the good guy tonight. Get dressed and smelling good for the sole purpose of fucking a bitch and then forgetting her name.

Go out with one good looking friend!

Tell that handsome friend of yours you are single and need to dump a load into a hot cunt tonight. He is a total man-whore and your wingman will be happy to have you back to party with like old times. Who knows maybe you’ll get lucky and find a girl like me that is fresh off a breakup and willing to take on you and your thick cock handsome friend

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