The cheating sex stories are always hot when they involve your close friends. Your wife and I have been best friends for a really long time, but I’ve always been turned on by you. Even though we are both in relationships with other people there is an undeniable sexual chemistry between us. We have both tried to fight and hide it, but damn it’s hard. Saturday the weather was perfect, so you invited us over for drinks and food on the grill. We accepted and I made sure to dress to impress. At the small party, the drinks were flowing and we were all having a good time, but we could not keep our eyes off each other.

Cheating sex stories began in my head.

There was that moment in the kitchen when we were alone. Both reaching for glasses in the top cabinet, I felt your hard cock pressing up against my round ass. OMG, I was so turned on, wanting to rip off your clothes so you could fuck me right there on your kitchen counter. I know you were feeling the same. I could see it your eyes and feel in in the thickness of your cock. Unfortunately, the moment was interrupted when your wife walked in, but it did not stop the wetness in my panties.

He’s working….Again!

My boyfriend is such a workaholic, doing a business deal out of town until tomorrow afternoon. I call you and remind you of the sexual electricity between us. I let you know, I have the time and the place for us, along with a need to have you inside of me. You accept, excited to leave the office after lunch, and spend the rest of your day fucking me.

When you come over we waste no time stripping our clothes off. My pussy was pulsating with the need to have you deep inside me. You pin me to the bed and fuck me with such a passion that we both are surprised at the wetness of the sheets. After several powerful earth shaking orgasms, we lie in bed together giggling. As we relax and recover from our orgasms, we kiss and caress. You crawl out of bed, ready to face the world. You kiss me so deeply, and we set a date to do this again.

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