I’ll Show You How to Have Sex My Pretty One!

Remember the awkward days of wondering how to have sex?  When will we have sex?   I hope I don’t mess up when I finally do get laid!  My younger sister Vanessa was the last of us to have sex.  She shared her first experience with me.  It was not a surprise that she couldn’t wait, after all we are human and curious about our bodies.  What did surprise me was how she lost her cherry.

My sister Vanessa told me when the neighbor moved in next door.  He was married but that didn’t stop her.  She was always talking about him.  His name was Dan.  I thought this was a pubescent crush that would work itself out in time.  She started dressing differently, trying to seem worldly and stylish.  She did try her best to get noticed.  Every time he was outside, Vanessa would wave at Dan.  Then Vanessa got the bright idea to bake some cookies and welcome him to the neighborhood.

Vanessa rang his doorbell and you know what?  He invited her inside!

They made small talk.  Dan noticed her cute denim tight shorts and long legs, and nice ass.  Dan’s eyes traveled up to her perky small developing tits and small petite body.  They started talking about school and about her crush at school.  Vanessa scooted close to Dan and started asking personal questions about guys.  As they talked, Dan’s hand rested on her leg.  Slowly he started caressing her thigh.  This caused a reaction in her.  Dan quickly stopped stating perhaps this wasn’t a good idea.  Vanesa said she wouldn’t tell anyone.  She just wanted to learn about guys and mommy wasn’t telling her anything.

Dan slowly undressed her taking off her shirt and white bra, kissing Vanessa’s sweet small nipples taking them into his mouth.  Dan slid down her shorts and panties.  He slowly explored her small mound with his hands then replaced his hands with her mound.  Vanessa surrendered to his tongue lashing along her young bald pussy and perky little clit.  She tasted so good.  He wanted to make this good for her but oh it was so hard to wait.  Dan wanted to teach this sweet girl how to have sex that would make her want more.

They found a natural rhythm together.

Her hips rocked left and right until she arched upwards in her first orgasm.  Dan stood up undoing his pants.  Vanessa had never seen a hard cock before.  She reached out and nervously touched the head and shaft and wrapped her fingers around it.  Playfully, she moved her soft hand up and down its length.  He stopped her suddenly.  This was almost too much.  He did not want to cum too fast.

Dan went between her legs kissing her soft tits, her shoulders, her ears, her soft sweet lips.  His cock was throbbing.  He entered her pussy slowly.  Vanessa started tearing up from the pain of being filled up with a hard cock.  Dan took a breath and thrust a few times till he broke the barrier of her sweet fruit.  His cock was welcomed by warm wet tight ecstasy.  He could stay here forever if only his stamina would last.  Dan was teaching her about the birds and bees and he was after her sweet honey.

How did this lesson end exactly?  Let’s talk soon and share our stories! Sweet Phone Sex

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