How to Get Seduced at the Office. By the Boss’s Daughter!

How to get seduced grants you lots of freedoms. And, nepotism doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Right? Once Uncle Arnie handed me that first cell phone, It was on! I love phone sex! You’d probably think that since I’m a sexy young woman. So, naturally, I’d be drawn to the young partners at Dad’s Law Firm. Newly minted and rolling slowly onto the showroom floor, right?

Wrong! I naturally gravitate toward the more seasoned men in every room. Picture Sean Connery, James Caan, Sir Anthony Hopkins. Oh, sorry. Did I just drool? Giggle.  I do salivate when I even think of them rubbing my tight, throbbing clit.  And I can smell it on them.  I can single out one single man in a room full of them; right down to the ONE whose dick is pounding hardest in his pants at the sight of me.

How to Get Seduced Without Looking for It!

Someone like my Uncle Arnie. Begging, “Oh GOD! Please, stop me!”  Oh, no. There would be no stopping, no coitus interruptus here! I still remember the whimper. Delicious! And, I found him! The little, balding man in the bespoke suit. But, strangely, it’s never money I smell on them. No. It’s more complex than that. What I smell on them, is power. So much power. And yet, so little of it! Thanks to me. There is something in controlling the older gent via my warm, wet pussy. The feel of their mature, rock-hard cocks pulsating into me. So, I need to be their sexy office, cum-bucket! You asked how to get seduced. Right?

Mmm. Excuse me while I savor the moments. So, I’m back! I drifted for a moment thinking about phone sex again. First of all, it’s where I get to engage in the filthiest behavior. If you think for a nanosecond that Uncle Arnie let me “handle things” on my own, you’d be in for another surprise! Oh, no! With the investment, he had in me over the last 3 years of my upbringing?  He’d never allow me to slip from his grasp. In fact, Arnie needed to watch this latest turn of the screw.  But, he’d let the other partners “borrow” his office for their conquests of me. They had no clue that the video camera set up behind the Renoir and just above the fireplace was rolling at all times. Even during the fucking of me by Arnie. Now, that’s how to get seduced!

Additionally, You’ve Been Looking Into How to Get Seduced!

Not wise. Not wise at all. That would cum back to bite him in the ass.  But, again, I digress. Solomon came into the offices while Dad was in court and Uncle Arnie was in the conference room.  He walked in and immediately looked more nervous than me! I smiled warmly at him, with my ass and hands resting on Arnie’s desk. Then I pushed off, letting my tits lead the way. His gulp was palpable and I smiled.  I cupped his dick with my palm and heard him whimper. Again with the whimpering?  What was with these guys?

Moreover, he forced his fat tongue deep enough into my mouth that his spittle ran over my chin. I pulled back laughing, sopping up the wetness. and said, “Relax, Baby.  I won’t bite!  Unless you beg me to!” Likewise, my gaze was firm and fixed. I love his fear of me. And that too… is eXXXactly how to get seduced.

It was heady. And, That’s Just How I Like It.

Then, he moved back, almost stumbling backward into the roaring fireplace. I pounced on him! Landing him hard on the leather couch, and taught him how to really kiss! My tongue softly probed and suckled at his tongue. He shot his first load, right there in his suit pants.

So, do you want to know what I did to old Solomon that changed his life forever? Wanna know every detail of what it’s like to fuck my tight pussy? Well, you know exactly where to find me.


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