Coitus Interruptus, or getting caught in the act…as it were.  LOL.  Join me for a kinky fucking adult phone sex chat you’re not likely to EVER forget!  The first time is ALWAYS a keeper.  The memory banks are now CHOCK FULL of delicious times of getting, or NEARLY getting caught in motion getting my groove on!  There’s nothing quite like the rush you get. The heart-pounding, sweaty palm feeling…especially if it’s the COPS that are catching you!  Read on for more of this twisted tale of fuckery!

We were BOTH cheating and it was so fucking hot.  We’d get it in where we could fit it in…and OFTEN.  Where? Didn’t really matter.  We’d risk it all for our unquenchable passion.  Today, a restaurant on the tony side of town, Micah.  Haha.  Who would be so brazen?  Have you MET me? Giggle.  Aside from it being the furthest thing from a cheater’s paradise, everyone who’s anyone dines there. I’m no eXXXception! Not that I’m some muckety muck, but I like to be seen as much as anyone. I REALLY like to be seen…you follow?

So, my lover and I are specifically into anal play.  Nothing wrong with a little ass worship…on BOTH of our parts. Add to that the exquisite THRILL of being caught and possibly dealt with by the law…heavenly!  Off we went to the ladies room.  There we found the standard fluorescent lighting and bland counter top that was a continuous run with drop-in sinks.  But, it was clean and that’s really all that matters, right?

He lifted me quickly to the counters and ripped my La Perla panties from me at the crotch. Yum! He dropped to his knees on that sparkling, marble floor and began the REAL MEAL of the day! While his tongue plunged over and over into my soft, bald pussy, his hands groped at my tits and my head rolled back onto my shoulders and I was lost. Then we heard the door swing open and a hushed series of gasps. We knew we were being observed and did not one thing to hide ourselves…This was after all what we craved almost as much as we craved each other!

What we hadn’t thought of was the possibility that the observers might crave watching us as much as we craved being viewed! And the choir sang, “Hallelujah”! Giggle. What followed was a virtual fuck-fest of near epic proportions…Just how we like it.  Maybe you and I could indulge in a little tête-à-tête?  A bit of coitus interruptus of our own.  Call me and see what we can cum up with…I can PROMISE you a STEAMY TIME!