When I want something, I go all out to get it. Nothing stops in my way and I’ll devise a plan to make it happen. And when I say anything, I mean anything. One time in college, I wanted an internship at this hip start-up that would look amazing on my resume and help me get into grad school. I went and inquired, but was told there were no openings by this mega bitch who looked like she hadn’t gotten fucked in years. I was pretty sad and pissed off, but was determined to land it, so I did my homework and decided I’d have to flirt my way in with one of the nerds who worked there. I went on their webpage to look at their employee directory and found the dorkiest dude that worked there. I stalked him on social media to see where he liked to hang out and what he did.

Turns out he loved video games and would always check in at this one particular game store near the office. Being the hot chick I was, I knew I’d be able to land a summer gig there if I got in with the right people and he was perfect (he was also a co-founder who was single and probably never fucked a girl). I studied his check-in habits and found that he always visited the store on a Tuesday when new games were released. So one particular Tuesday, I made sure to get all dressed up in my shortest skirt and my most revealing top and headed over there to wait for him. Of course, I got picked up on by practically every dude there, but didn’t pay any attention to them. I was on a mission and nothing was going to stop me from getting that summer job I wanted so badly.
When he finally came in, I was ready to reel him in. I played stupid and asked him to suggest a game a game I should buy for my brother and pretended I was interested in what he was saying. I then flattered him by giving him compliments, all the while making sure boobs stood out. Of course, he took the bait and was stumbling over the words, probably surprised that such a hot girl was interested. And I have to admit, he wasn’t that bad up close, so I was sort of intrigued and having fun. I started to flirt pretty heavily and told him he should come back to my place to play some games. He took the bait and he followed me back home. While in my living room, I confessed that I didn’t have a gaming console and just wanted to fuck his brains out. He was shocked and didn’t know what to say and that’s when I rushed him and started kissing him, placing my hand inside his pants. I was pleasantly surprised to find a large package, which I started to massage with my fingers. He was moaning with pleasure and I told him if he’d had sex before. He said yes, but confessed it didn’t happen too often.
That’s when I got really horny and practically tore off his clothes. I started with a quick BJ and then lead his fingers to my vagina so that he could finger me while I took off my shirt. As things started to get heated, I asked what his favorite position was and he mumbled he didn’t know. With that answer, I took the lead and started shouting out commands for him, first having him take me from behind and then took control and climbed on top of him. As my naked body grinded on him, I could feel his hands all over my body. He finally rested them on my boobs, cupping them with each of his hands before he placed them in his mouth and sucked the shit out of them until he came. That’s when I decided to mention an internship at his company for the summer and added that we’d do this many more times if I landed the position. Let’s just say, I was actually hired the first month in!

Juicy Lil Gisele

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