House of Debauchery for Halloween. There’s a Watcher in There Roaming!

A House of Debauchery, huh? Moving into a new house with a stranger living in my attic is the stuff of movies. Right? From the day I moved in I was busy putting everything together, unboxing it all. Moreover, I’m not the sort who can easily live from boxes. I have a great need to get it all put away and decorated in a matter of days.

This house was perfect, except for the attic and basement. Not really a fan of either! Fortunately, the basement was more like a lower level instead of a basement. There was a guest room and bath as well as a small kitchen and living room. I guess it’s an in-law suite set up in our family home. Who would guess it would turn out to be a house of kink?

What Should a Happy House of Debauchery Look Like?

So, this one was very pretty, if somewhat off-putting. Even from the outside, there was a foreboding that just kept niggling at the back of my neck. Still, I had to have it. It CALLED out to me! But, not so fast. I had to get through the negotiations and inspections. Now, here I was spinning around in my new (if creepy) master bedroom before flopping back onto my bed. I was going to enjoy a hot bath before turning in early. Maybe catch up on Alices Sensual Revenge. Great read! Especially in a house of debauchery.

No sooner had I stripped off my robe, snuggled under my blankets, and turned the lights off I heard it! It was faint, but I heard a thumping above my head. I convinced myself that it had been my own bed from how I made myself comfy and I was out like a light!

A Horny House of Debauchery!

I woke with a start hearing what sounded like shuffling feet somewhere in my bedroom, then the thud of a door! Ripping the covers back, I went to slide off my bed, but that’s just what happened! I SLID. My pussy, thighs, and halfway up my BACK were soaked in pussy juice!

Now, I’m not saying a girl can’t have a good old-fashioned wet dream, but I usually remember at least SOME of it. Nada on this one, so I kept my ears and eyes OPEN looking for clues. Creepy doesn’t even explain how I felt about the upstairs in my new home. Especially, when I had to go up into the attic of my house of debauchery.

The Attic of the House…

Up there I always had the feeling that someone tracked my moves. Once, I even thought I heard a moan! Of course, that time I made tracks out of there. So, last night, I didn’t take my sleep meds; either on purpose or by accident, so I’d be awake for whatever might go down.

However, I planned I wasn’t prepared for this house of debauchery! I opened my eyes a thin-sliver to a man who looked homeless as fuck licking all over my tits without reserve. He licked like he’d done it to me before! Under meds, a man could do just about anything to me and I’d stay unconscious. Not so without medical intervention! Everything in my head screamed in panic. But, my mouth opened and a sleepy moan crept forward!

Creeper in my House.

He looked up to my eyes, still closed as he took everything he needed. His dick found my pussy and ass. He TRIED to get a blowing, but I kept my mouth loose so he’d think I was asleep in my house of debauchery.

I crept into the attic in the wee hours and found him behind a false wall sleeping & left him there. Why fuck up a good thing? So, he takes random food and drinks. He makes up for it in the end.

Plus, he gets turned on by my sexcapades in this house of debauchery, and I think it makes him hornier! Wanna CUM & take some space in my home and in my bed? Maybe try me on my phone sex lines?


Just JoeyHouse of Debauchery