Hottest sex stories: My friend and I having a girls night out

So I was visiting my girlfriend who had moved out of town a few months ago. We had planned this girl’s night for a while now. As soon as I pulled up to her place she greeted me at the door with wine and she looked so delicious! Long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, perfect DD’s that set up nice and long smooth legs. It had been a while since I last saw her and she was more gorgeous than ever.  She had me so wet and she had no idea. I guess the surprise was on me because I would later find out that I would be adding a new one to my hottest sex stories list.
We did not waste any time we got started drinking immediately, talking, and catching up. After a few drinks, I wanted to ask her if she ever kissed a girl. As I started to ask, I paused and she said she wanted to try something new before going out and she wanted to try it with me. She came back from the bedroom and sat next to me and asked me to close my eyes. I’m thinking to myself, here we go. She took her hand and grab my face, tilted my head back, and said open my mouth.. She slowly put something in my mouth and said swallow. I opened my eyes and asked what is it. She said, Molly.

I was shocked I had never done this before. 

I think I was even more upset that it wasn’t the kiss. After that, we headed out to one of the night clubs and we had a ball. When we were leaving the Molly hit me and I got super horny. On the way to the next bar, we got pulled over by a handsome tall black cop. As he was talking to us he noticed open liquor bottles in the car and said he was going have to take us in. We were trying to talk our way out of it but he was trying to do the right thing. As he cuffed us I noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off of our beautiful bodies. When we got to the police station, it was very small with only two cells. So he put us in the same cell and sat across from us. We started talking, trying to figure out how we were going get out of this. Then it hit me! This was really one of the hottest phone sex acts I could’ve ever had.
I had a hot girl in the cell with me and a sexy cop right in front of our cell. It was time to put my plan to work, so I told my friend to go along with it. I took off my panties slowly and threw them at the officer to get his attention. When he looked up I was kissing my friend’s plump red lips and rubbing her breast.  In my head, I was finely getting what I wanted. As for the officer watched quietly. As I looked back and saw his pants rising I started kissing her neck, and she lifted my skirt, gently rubbing my clit.

I put my nipple in her mouth and started to rub her back.

The Molly had us feeling ten times more sensitive. As Mr. Officer was watching her rub my juicy pussy from behind he slowly pulled that big black cock out and started stroking it. I turned around and laid my friend down and straddled her face. Holding on to the cell with one hand and her head with the other, I whispered “come here, Daddy”. He walked over to the cell and put his cock in between the bars. I wrapped my lips around it and just sucked the head slowly. I bent over as she started to eat my ass while looking up it to his eyes. At that moment I knew that this was going to be of his hottest sex stories ever. Everything felt so good my pussy was dripping wet! I had no idea that morning that I would be making a memory that night with one of the hottest sex stories ever!