Men Worshipping Women is always the way it should be.

Men Worshipping Women is the mood that struck hard when I got a glimpse of my sexy neighbor with her tiny shorts on. My craving came on strong and I had to do something about it. A little kinky phone sex thought popped into my head while I watched her walk over to ask me a question. Brittney? Hmmm I don’t remember having that album. I could hear the music in my apartment playing in the background.

Again, my mind raced with a sort of threesome fantasy. You came to mind right away. I wondered what you were doing. Were you in bed, jerking your cock off? Thoughts of your dick inside me flooded my head, and I reached into my purse and snuck my phone out. I wanted to fuck this girl while you listened. All I had to do now is seduce my beautiful neighbor, selling her on the idea, and all you had to do was answer the phone.

My neighbor was back on the couch now and back in my arms looking to take things further, and so was I.

As I was wiggling my hips on top of her, and getting breathy, I told her I had to make a call. She pulled back to give me space and I leaned into her harder, telling her not to stop. “Keep going” I ordered. She couldn’t have been more excited with her little shorts getting wet. As I dialed your number I wondered what you would say to worshipping women in such naughty ways.

As the line was ringing, my guest’s hand slid up my skirt and started rubbing my soaking wet pussy. I remember being so excited to surprise you with foot fetish games at this little sex party I decided to expand to. It was becoming a party that I was holding for the purpose of surprising you with sex. I know it has always been a fantasy of yours to worship the feet and bodies of my sexy girlfriends, to serve us completely. Tonight your sex dreams are coming true. All us girls are going to use and abuse you, with that nasty little fetish of yours.

The exploitation of your innermost desires is what I am facilitating tonight. As the hostess with the submissive guy everyone wants a piece of, I bring you into the living room blindfolded. The giggles surround your head while I guide you over to the foot of the couch where we are all lined up. You receive the order to open your mouth wide and suck whatever enters because that’s what we want. A soft and supple foot is slide inside. Your wet tongue feels the continual glide of this perfect foot push back till you are swallowing it whole. The toes wiggle, tickling you, making you drool while we laugh louder.

“Suck it up”, I command with my voice turning a bit stern.

You love it when I get rough with you. I can see it all over your throbbing cock. Slurping sounds escape the corners of your mouth to my delight, slipping deeper into lust with every dribble. The girls await their turn to use our group toy with anticipation. There are a few very sexy rules to obey, though.

Anyone participating in my exhibitionist phone sex party will have to be totally naked before coming in to play. You see, it’s going to be a huge orgy with fantastic sexy women at every turn. My other girlfriend arrived with a few of our other hot pieces of ass, all ready for fun. The girls were fluttering about like little sexy butterflies in teeny tiny lingerie, getting drinks from the bar. I’m sure you could hear the giggling from down the street.

The party was in full swing and there wasn’t a dry dildo in the place.

Lips locking, tongues licking, mouths sucking, and ass fucking happening in every direction. The pictures I captured with my camera were going to be perfect to get off to for weeks into the future. This men worshipping women spank bank would be enough to hold over your head for a very long time.