Mistress Mayhem Abuse comes in whatever form I see fit.

Very few have a skill set as impressive as your Mistress Mayhem. I was born to play both sides of the whip, but once that leather handle is being gripped by my firm hand it’s over, your mine, all mine, my dirty little slutty bitch. Feel the sting of my whip crack against your skin. The burn so intense that you’re not quite sure if I’ve drawn blood. You will want to check but your hands are bound behind your back. So helpless bent over and chained to the bed you want to climb into.

You’ll be earning any and all affection from your mistress, the sounds of phrase won’t come cheap. Oh my sweet Submissive Man, you will no longer identify with other men because you are now my Mistress Mayhem slave. I give you the orders of what my desires are, and you fulfill them without question. Dominatrix Phone Sex is not for the weak, it is for the loyal little subbies who only know how to say just a few phrases. “Yes Miss” is like music to my Mistress Mayhem ears.

If you wish to serve as my sub slave then you will give me a yes every time.

The other phrase you will be permitted to scream in-between thrashings is “May I have another”. This shows your lovely Domination Demon how far you’re willing to go to bring delight my way. So beg, plead, and grovel for more, say yes to your Mistress wielding the wrath you have always dreamt of. GFE Alyssa isn’t here anymore. You’re dealing with a Mistress Mayhem monster now.

No letting up for this Mistress. Your ass belongs to me and Pegging is where we start. As I lube up my great big black Strap On cock with one hand I shove the panties of another woman over your nose and mouth. I want you to look down through the glass window and see this other woman sunbathing and touching her clit while you taste her through the moistened teal fabric. I know you want her and I to put on a show for you. This is the only way to all your fantasies coming true.

When you see that hot bitch down at the pool playing with her pretty pussy do you wonder why she looks deep not your eyes, like she was expecting you? Well, she was love. We have everything worked out. I knew you would come watch her by the pool, and I knew you would have your pants down and cock out. Now to truly have it all you will be my dirty little slut who will do anything for two perfect pussies wrapping and tightening around your dick.

Pegging is what you will endure and love, trust me my pet.

I press my tits to your back pushing your face to the glass. Holding up this lubed up strap on cock my poolside friend smiles encouraging me to fuck you hard and deep. “Ask me for it” I whisper into your ear. “Beg me” I softly order. You practically fall to your needs in need of this deep dicking that will lead to a tantalizing threesome. “Please fuck me Miss” you plead. I slide this Big Black Cock all the way in till the balls hit your ass.

Fucking you hard against the glass with her watching me Dominate your ass you feel my reach around grip on your dick tighten as I make it clear this is my cock now and I decide when you cum. So go on and ask permission. I might be feeling generous. I have heard that when a woman enjoys Pegging a man she is in love with Domination. After today I would no longer just disagree with that statement, but I can say I have just experienced the exact opposite.

My lover and I were talking about the vast pool of sex and how fascinated we are by every fetish.

Anal exchange came up, so did his cock. This idea of fucking this big strong loving man excited me past wetness. I immediately stopped talking and lead him into my bedroom. The white sheets were just changed that morning and the stage was set for Phone Sex. This act of Fucking the love into him had my mind spinning. I went to him softly, telling him just how he was going to get it. This hardened his cock like a rock. My voice tickled his brain and I then slid the Strap On I wiggled into up his tight ass with the care he needed and deserved.