Have you ever masturbated in a hot tub?

I was at my friend Jessica’s house one day for a barbeque.  After eating good food and drinking lots of beer, her guests started to leave.  It was almost sunset and she looked around at the six of us that were still hanging around.  “Let’s take a dip in the hot tub!” She suggested.  “What do you guys think?”

I usually pack a bikini when I go to Jessica’s house so I was ready.  There were two couples and Jessica’s younger brother, Alan who had just graduated from college.  He was a cute kid, but very awkward and shy.  I caught him staring at me a few times throughout the day and I knew he would probably get a big thrill to be able to sit in a hot tub with me.  

Everyone changed into their swimsuits and we climbed into the tub.  I saw that Alan maneuvered his way in the tub so that he was sitting directly in front of me.  Jessica brought out some more beer and we talked and laughed and had a good time.  As I predicted, Alan stared at me almost the whole time.  

Eventually, the two couples left and only Jessica, Alan and I remained in the tub.  Jessica sat next to me and we started to talk.  She was telling me some stories about work, just basically venting a little.  I pretended to give her my full attention but out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Alan’s arm was moving back and forth in the water.   It was subtle but I definitely recognized covert masturbation when I saw it. I kept looking at Jessica but decided to give Alan a bit more material to jerk off to.  

I lifted my body up out of the water and adjusted my bikini bottom very casually.  I turned a bit to the side and pulled my bottoms up slightly.  Then I adjusted the bra part and pulled it forward a little so that I almost exposed my nipple.  I then slid my hand down my stomach and close to my pussy before sitting back in the water.  I was  casually acting as if I was just adjusting my clothes, my face never leaving Jessica’s, acting as if I was just fascinated with her bitch fest.

“Do you want another beer?”  She asked me.

“Uh, yeah.  Sure, I’ll have another.”  I replied.

Jessica turned to her brother.  “How about you, Alan?  Another beer?  What’s wrong with your face?  It’s all red!”  

He stammered and his hands flopped around as he stood up.  “It’s too hot in here, that’s all.  I’m going to go inside.  See you later.”  He climbed out of the tub and with shoulders slightly hunched over, he trotted back into the house.

“Okay, that was weird.”  Jessica said.  “I’ll go get the two of us another beer.  Be right back.”  

She climbed out of the tub and headed to the house.  I glanced over to where Alan had just been sitting across from me.  I noticed a creamy white pool floating on the water.  I laughed and went over to sit where he had been.  Why not swim around in his cum for a little while?  After all, he went through all that trouble to jerk off secretly, I might as well enjoy the output as much as I could!

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