A Foot Job in a Hot Tub?  Yes, please!

My wonderful KD has graced my imagination with his lovely and erotic prose yet again…. enjoy this hot tub story as much as I did…

Leaning back in the hot tub, I closed my eyes and relaxed. I hated traveling this much for business, to be sure, and it always took a toll on my body. But a hotel pool late at night, pushing hard for 100 laps, and then a long soak always left me feeling rejuvenated. I felt the warmth begin to caress the tiredness out of my body, and settled back to enjoy.

Either I dozed off or she slipped into the pool area like a ghost, but I definitely knew she was there when she lowered herself into the hot tub beside me. She had tested the water playfully, dipping her toe (perfectly pink from a fresh pedicure, I could tell) into the water before stepping in. The saying “legs that go on forever” could not even begin to capture what graced my sight when I opened my eyes slightly. Perfectly tanned, her legs obviously benefited from some serious hours in the gym. Long, strong, and looking at the same time as soft as silk, they stretched out under the water as she settled across from me. I felt my cock coming alive in my loose-fitting swim trunks, feeling the warm water against my shaft. She let out only a hint of a sigh as the warm water embraced her.

The first touch of her toes on my legs sent electric waves through my now thick cock. Was I dozing off into a dream again, or was this long-legged beauty actually running her feet along my calves, tracing my own strong legs as though searching… I spread my legs slightly, testing… inviting, but she did not hesitate at all. Her soft feet continued to massage my calves, curling around my knees. I resisted playfully, pushing my legs apart. Her feet pushed back slightly, letting me know in no uncertain terms that she was not only serious in her play, but seriously in control of this moment. My cock grew harder, full and thick at the touch of this stranger.

Curling her pink toes over the waistband of my suit, her message was very clear. Leaning forward slightly, I lifted my hips and with one sweep slid out of  my suit, tossing it to the deck. My cock sprung free, the warm water wrapping itself around my throbbing shaft and balls. The thousands of miles of exhaustion fell out of my mind and body in that one moment. But that feeling was nothing compared to the sensations that followed, as my mystery friend slowly, and skillfully wrapped her feet around my cock and began to slide along my shaft in the most amazing (and first, to be honest) foot job I had ever imagined possible. She had done this before, obviously. Her toes wrapped tightly on my shaft, as her long legs pushing my thighs wider still, pumped like a slow piston. My shaft tingled, as her feet moved up and down, changing pressures slightly. A soft toe found the throbbing vein on my fully hard cock, and traced it lightly for the full length of my shaft and then back again.

Moving quicker now, and with a sense of total control, her feet moved in long strokes, pausing only to caress my balls before moving again, up and down along my shaft. I leaned back, spread my legs wide, and gave up. Her feet owned me, and I simply allowed it to happen. Tightening her grip, she pinned my shaft between her feet and went into overdrive. Like a tight pussy but so much better, her feet rode up and down my shaft, harder and faster then before, driven by her long strong legs. I felt my cock head swell, holding back as best I could. She pumped harder now, pushing herself against the back of the hot tub for extra leverage. She found the vein, ran her little toe along it for the length of my thickness. I exploded, feeling warm water on the tip of my cock as I raised my hips and shot my load into the warmth. She did not let go, her feet milking my shaft confidently.

I floated there, the water around me, her feet sliding slowly now, caressing my shaft, satisfied and empty. Life on the road has its benefits, I thought, leaning back into the warmth.

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