I have been looking forward to a hot teen spring break for a while now!

You are my older cousin, and I have always loved the time we have spent together. Ever since you moved, I have been looking forward to spending the whole hot teen spring break together. The crush I have on you is enough to make me wet when I think about having the whole week alone with you. Your reputation is that you are the party cousin. I wanted to test my limits with you. How could I not? I was ready to bring the stories of a killer spring break home to my friends.

When you picked me up from the airport, I could hardly take my eyes off of you. I know it is so naughty and taboo, but you were always that hotter, older cousin that I wanted. It started so many years ago, when you were playing soccer shirtless with your friends, and it just escalated since then, especially since I caught you reading young age play stories. And now we had our own spring break all alone to do whatever we wanted. You were chatty in the car, and I didn’t know why. Then, you pulled out a stash of coke and put it on the dashboard.

My eyes lit up with excitement.

I knew you had a reputation for being a bad boy, but I was not expecting this. The sexual energy is so tense. You follow me with your eyes while I do a couple of lines on the dashboard. Then, I feel your hand wandering up my thigh, and feeling the lace of my panties against your skin. It does not take long until you are pushing your fingers inside me deeply. Moans escape my lips and drown out the music in the car. Your eyes stay on the road anyway. This was an amazing start to our hot teen spring break.

Suddenly, you make a couple of sharp turns and you park the car in the back of an old arboretum. It is so late at night that no one else is around. My mind is buzzing from all the coke earlier, and thinking about my hot teen spring break. You come over to my side of the car, and pull me out. You are forceful, but you can clearly see how much I want it. The weight of your body is against me while you spread my legs open and continue to finger bang me right there out in the open, just as the rain starts to pour.

Your whispers filled my ears up with pleasure, hearing you tell me that I’m such a good girl, and you didn’t care if we are related.

You are going to fuck me regardless and it got me so fucking hot and horny. By the time you finally slid your big cock in me, I was so wet and gushing. As I was pushing back on your cock, I knew this week was going to be a blast. The harder you pump inside me, the more I can feel your cock throbbing hard. This is going to be the best hot teen spring break ever, and it’s only day one.

What are you going to do during our spring break together? Let’s have a filthy phone sex chat and find out!

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