I am happily safe at home with my Daddy. So many people are currently staying away from home during the lock-downs in their area. Like my mom, she is visiting Granny and now stuck there instead of at home with us. Of course, Daddy and I are making the most of our alone time. It is Hot Teen Quarantine Incest fun for us!

He and I are also enjoying this time for our board game competition. We are always trying to beat each other and it is fun as we do our best to be number one. Mom and my brother laugh at us and our competitive spirit. My brother is competitive but in sports and outdoor activities. His hunting skills are amazing.

So it is just me and Dad for this hot teen quarantine incest fun!

My brother is always enjoying our Taboo Age-Play Incest sessions when we are together. He is so fine and good in bed too. Our parents have given their seal approval, making sure we get our own alone time during a normal world. Of course, nothing is normal at this time. Our world is going through it right now.

And, all of the fun I am having with my family, I share with my callers during my Tight Teen Phone Sex. That and so much more. It is fun when a caller wants to be my daddy. I can relive all our incest fun with them. Nothing is taboo in this area when you are calling me. Here, we are limited but on the calls, the sky is the limit! The naughtier you like it, the wetter my pussy is getting.

I am a bad girl and proud of it!

Would you enjoy being my daddy and stuck at home with me right now? Does that make your dick dance in your pants? I bet it does, you fucking pervert. You are my kind of guy. Nasty and ready for some taboo fun. My daddy is like that. He is the biggest pervert I know, using all of it showing me how to have hot teen quarantine sex like no one else.

I am such a lucky girl. Daddy has a nice big cock for his pretty little princess. He is teaching me how a man wants his dick held, squeezed and massaged. I am also learning that with soft hands, balls enjoy being played with too. They are so weird looking. Little skin sacks with hair. Ewwww, but if daddy likes it, I am doing it.

He is good at oral too!

Whether he is playing with me during this time, or when things are normal and he is sucking my brother off. Our dad has incredible oral skills and is using them to please us back. In our house we are being taught to play with men and women, not leaving anyone out. That way you are always getting lucky.

Daddy lives by that too. All I know right now is I am getting all his attention during our hot teen quarantine incest and it is awesome! When we are all here, I have to share him with Mom and my brother. Of course, we all are pleasing each other during that time but Daddy has the best dick and is so good at sex. I want him all to myself.

And, right now, he is all mine.

We are playing new games since we have all this free time together. Likewise, our board games are getting more intense too. Daddy hates losing during these games and I love winning against him. He gets so fired up and pissy. It is so hot and then he likes to fuck hard and fast. It is so sexy and fun!

That is just a small part of all we are doing. He and Mom have some amazing toys I had never played with but now, he and I are using them. Daddy loves pegging so I am getting to be dominant with him, bending him over and claiming that tight ass. I love how much he is loving this new side of me as I ram into that rosebud butthole of his.

The things we are doing are limitless. Curious to know ALL the details? Call me and we can play hot teen quarantine incest games!

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