If you are new to my blogs, welcome. Start preparing for some naughty fun and taboo topics. My family is all about family-play. Let me start by educating you on what family-play is and helping you understand more about my family. Family-play is describing a family that is partaking in incest with each other. Taboo age-play incest involves the younger members of the family.

My clan has been participating in incest for generation after generation. We are quite happy with our lifestyle and don’t care what society says about our fun. Grandpa and Granny are always telling us stories about how much simpler it used to be for our family. Furthermore, these days, lots of folks find it necessary to stick their noses in other people’s business. For that reason, we keep to ourselves.

The Taboo Age-Play Incest is within our family, we don’t tell those outside the family.

Sometimes, I like sitting outside daydreaming of being alive those days. It was so simple and folks were all about keeping to themselves and being neighborly and kind. Now, everyone is trying to run other families with their own ways and ideas. We are an amazing family that is loving and caring. Shit, some families are mean to each other, not us.

Of course, we argue sometimes, that is normal. Especially my brother and I. He is a dick most of the time. I love him and he loves me but we are kids so we disagree on a lot of stuff all the time. That doesn’t mean we don’t make up after we fight. Oh, do we make up in fun ways! Naughty ways that are too taboo for our blogs. Of course, all you have to do is call me. During my Ageplay Phone Sex, I tell you everything that we do!

We have so much Sexy Incest Family Fun!

My brother and I are close and because of that, we are usually playing nasty games when we aren’t fighting. The whole family is naughty together but he and I spend a lot more time around each other, opening the door for lots of dirty sex fun. Trust me, if you enjoy the idea of a couple of crazy kids getting naughty together, you want to call me for that fun.

No one is left out in our clan. We all play together. Our grandparents and parents are our educators in all things sexual. They spend time with us, showing us how love works and how awesome pleasing each other is. And, trust me, it is so amazing. Seeing our elders getting off while we are playing is so sexy. So is getting my brother off with taboo age-play incest.

There are so many ways to achieve this goal!

We have special places we enjoy playing. Our family lives in a small town and because of this, we get to run the town on our own. He and I are constantly finding fun places to play. Of course, not all of our play is naughty. Sometimes we are just kids having a good time exploring our little world. Because the big factories took their business elsewhere we have lots of abandoned buildings to explore.

All of them are boarded up and locked down tight. That never stops us. Especially when we are spies or bad guys. We are always finding ways in, whether we squeeze in a window or pick a lock. Every building is our playground. Us and our friends. Of course, when we want to get nasty, we go it alone without those friends. We have a couple of friends that like getting naughty with us. Mom and Dad don’t know and what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

The main factory building is so cool.

Tons of levels, rooms, offices, and buildings to go for our taboo age-play incest. This is our favorite place. The whole campus is huge and we evade security guards easily. We are not criminals, never take anything out of the buildings. We just enjoy playing our fantasies in this place. When it is my brother, me and a couple of friends that like to do dirty things, this factory is awesome.

To hear the games we are playing, all you have to do is dial my number. We both know your cock got hard reading this blog and you want more. Call and let me know you love age-play as much as me. If you are a good boy, I might even role-play out the fun with you!


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