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Hot teen ageplay, mmm … are you ready? It was late and I’d put the kids to bed hours ago. Bored with studying, I pulled up a steamy vid on my fave porn website on my laptop. Relaxing back against the sofa cushions, I eased my jean shorts down and slipped a hand into my blue cotton g-string panties.

Oh yessss, this is definitely what I needed. Spreading my thighs, I found just the right spot. Perfect. As I watched a young blonde girl my age get gangbanged in a seedy, dark bar, I rubbed my swollen clitty in increasingly urgent circles. Indeed, it was one of those BBC impregnation sex stories that ALWAYS gets me off super hard! In a heartbeat, the orgasm washed over me in an overwhelming, sizzling burst. Indeed, I came so hard that I thought I’d gone totally blind for a second.

Fuuuuck, that was good! Just what I needed!

All of a sudden, I heard the front door open and someone calling my name. Oh crap, you’re home! Desperate to escape detection, I fixed my clothing and sat up straight. Then, I frantically sucked the sweet pussy cum from my fingers. Yummy. But I can’t have you smelling the telltale evidence, right? Finally, I switched my laptop screen back to my homework assignment, trying to appear as normal as possible.

Perhaps it was my flushed face or the satiated expression that gave me away? However, you just smiled at me like usual as I managed to greet you with an innocent “Oh hi, Mr. Taylor. How was your meeting?” As I watched, your friendly smile widened as you gave me a sly, speculative glance. Accordingly, my pussy began to throb hard. Damn, did you suspect something??

I knew what that look meant. Although you’d never looked at me that in that hot teen ageplay way before, some of the other daddies in the neighborhood definitely have!

Your smile became somehow predatory, making me squirm a little. My firm teen titties began to tingle. Furthermore, I realized my panties were rapidly becoming soaked with my excitement. Omg, could you detect my sweet, musky scent?

Unsurprisingly, you kept your tone casual at first. “Angel, how did the evening go? Did the kids behave well for you?”

Of course, I gave you what I desperately hoped was an ingenuous smile. “Everything went great, sir! Did you need anything else before I leave for the night?”

“Actually, there is something. First of all, it’s obvious that you were being a bad girl right before I arrived. How do I know? For one thing, it definitely smells like ‘hot teen ageplay spirit’ in here,” you remarked with a decidedly evil grin.

Rather than allowing me to respond, you continued. “Secondly, I saw everything you were doing, right from my phone. I’ll bet you didn’t notice the handy nanny cam we recently installed, did you? In the event that something ‘untoward’ happens while we’re away, it’s important to see everything that occurred, don’t you think?”

Oh shit, you know. Stifling a gasp, for a moment all I could do was stare at you in utter shock. Heart in my throat, I waited breathlessly as you went on to tell me what you expected from me next.

Smirking at me all the while, the first thing you did was demand that I strip off my panties. “Do it NOW,” you growled commandingly.

I knew from your tone that you expected me to obey immediately. My blue eyes wide and my face on fire, I slowly pulled down my shorts. Given your intense expression, it was obvious that my panties were visibly drenched! Finally, I managed to peel the damp, silky material downward to expose my deep pink, swollen little cunt.

Although I tried to cover my blushing, young pussy with one hand while handing you my panties with the other, you sternly ordered me to strip completely. So of course, off came my green striped top and the lacy blue bra underneath. My young, pert breasts bounced into your view. Completely naked now and bared to your hungry gaze, I shivered as I waited to hear what you’d require of me next.

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