During my senior year in college, I was one class away from graduation. The teacher was a total prick but totally hot. I wasn’t sure if he hooked up with undergraduates until the night I walked in on him and his T.A. going at it on his desk when I went to ask him about a question on the midterm. The teachers weren’t supposed to hook up with their students or T.A.s so I had caught them red handed, and I knew I had some leverage on him. They immediately stopped once they saw me, while I turned around and left the office to wait outside. She came out looking embarrassed a few moments later.
He finally called me in and looked disheveled but totally hot. I was a little turned on at what I had just seen and was a bit jealous that I wasn’t the one he was ramming on his desk. I immediately brought up that no dating policy that teachers had and said I wouldn’t say anything if he’d give me a passing grade on my midterm. He immediately agreed, mumbling some bogus excuse that he was letting out stress or something.
I really didn’t care. Since I was already horny and wet, I then stated another demand – that he do me on his desk at that moment just as he was with the T.A. He looked shocked, but then smirked, motioning me to over to his desk with his hand. I walked over and he immediately grabbed my ass and pulled me up on the desk. I was wearing a skirt, so he had easy access to my pussy and his fingers made their way up my thighs and around my panties. He didn’t go pull them aside, but rather teased me by rubbing my clit back and forth with two fingers while kissing me passionately.
I was breathing so hard and he knew I wanted it so bad, but he told me he was going to make me wait because I had blackmailed him for a passing grade. As he kept massaging my wet pussy, I couldn’t take it anymore and immediately took matters into my own hands. I pushed him off of me, undid his pants and stuck my hand around his now rock-hard penis. As I began to jerk him off, I took his other hand and placed it in my panties and made him bang me with two fingers. After a few minutes of that, I took off my underwear and straddled him on his chair. But not before licking his fingers, tasting myself on them.
I wanted him to know I meant business and that I wanted to fuck him hard. He got the message and took off my blouse, unhooked my bra and started to suck on my breasts as I gyrated up and down on his cock, moaning in pleasure. I came in minutes and then he followed shortly after.
As we were getting dressed, I told him I not only wanted that good grade in return for my silence for both lewd acts with underclassman, but also wanted to do it again in the coming week. Let’s just say, I passed the class without ever having to study ever again! Call Me !

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