Hot Swingers Event for my Birthday Makes my Year!

Hot Swingers Event! Can I tell you, I’ve been to more “Hot Swingers Events” than you could probably shake your dick at. But, the swingers events I’ve been attending lately – well, let’s just say they lend new meaning to the word. The parties I’ve attended since moving to the east coast were LEGENDARY even before I got here, so don’t blame ME! Haha. These are set up much like the old-fashioned “key parties”, only so much better! Gone are the days of giddy wives drunkenly choosing keys randomly from the fishbowl. These parties start raw, and just get better from there!

So, when I got the latest invitation to a Hot Swingers Event in the Calabasas Hills about 30 minutes from me. I smiled and sniffed the invitation card. His cologne? Absolutely as expected! Joseph. Giggle. Up to his old party tricks again. Hmm. I sauntered to the master suite and immediately entered my walk-in closet. Another smile. Followed by a wistful look. The past. Always a demon. But, still a sexy one!

All Aboard the Hot Swingers Event Train!

I arrived early, as per Tim’s request. Pulling up the winding bank of trees reminiscent of Old Louisiana. The majesty of his place in the hills is unequaled even by the likes of the Kardashian types. The limo began its descent to the underground garage housing his myriad Teslas, Lambos, and the like. Around back were the private helipad and boat moors. The door opens and a hand extends to help me from the car. Tim’s lady in waiting was there at the rear entrance and I was ushered to Tim’s private suite.

I walked into his smile. The sexiest, warm, sincere smile I’ve ever seen and I melt. What we had was better than anything I’ve experienced so far. We couldn’t make it work, yet. But, despite this small fact, I’d do just about anything he’d ask of me.

His hot swingers event, a small favor, if I got to bask in his presence even for a short while.

“Hello, Josette”

“Soooo not fair, Tim. Doing the radio announcer voice!” I laughed at how he could twist me almost with his MIND!

Worst part ever. His laughter. Cuts right through me like a hot knife through butter. I smiled and tried to control the cumming wetness. It was what would follow, the low, thick, laugh that caused the floodgates to open!

“Your surprise is cumming, young lady. Tonight you are the party favor, Baby.”

Gates open, waters flowing freely! I smiled my most coy smile and walked forward into his waiting arms.

So, after being bathed by a bevy of women and dressed only in La Perla garter, my famed Cuban heel stockings, 100-inch-strand of Mikimoto pearls, and my hair piled in a sexy heap on my head with wisps trailing down the sides of my face. My only makeup was fresh mascara on my ridiculously long lashes and trademark “Whore” red lipstick. I stepped into a GORGEOUS pair of Emilio Pucci shoes and smiled like a 6-year-old at Tim. Then, he stood appraising the activity around me. I guessed it met his approval. Smile.

Damn him! He still knew how to do everything that made me smile. This is really what I call a hot swingers event!

He extended his hand with a flourish and I took it knowing the warmth before I ever touched him. He’d want to play Daddy and daughter at some point tonight and my penchant for older men was MORE than satisfied with him. I’d massage his prostate, then give him a little anal penetration to get to that “button” inside. Then, I’d make him suffer! Oh! Not out of malice. Heaven forbid. I would NEVER hurt a hair on his sweet head. I’d make him suffer so that once all was said and done with his party and the aftermath. Later, I’d take him in ways he’s NEVER BEEN HAD. He just doesn’t know it. YET!

That night, I had been paraded alone onto the stage to be offered to the guests. In essence, I was to be auctioned off to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to my favorite charity. Then, the bidding began, and after he allowed every interested bidder to cum onto the stage to finger, poke, lick and sniff (within reason) and caress my firm body, we were ready to party hard. Hey! No freebies! For strangers anyway! Haha. I heard some unheard of numbers being bandied about and I have to admit I felt a little weak in the knees hearing it. Now, that’s a lot to live up to, and I always do. I mean, I know I’m a bad bitch. But, these numbers were staggering.

So, the couple that won me (for an amount that could have fed a smaller third-world country for a year!) “took me” home with them to let loose every fantasy either had EVER HAD after the hot swingers event.

They thought I was kidding when I announced “Nothing is too Taboo for me. Haha. The joke was on them, I suppose. Suddenly, the prissy, little wife who’d previously SWORN she’d never even kiss another woman, had her face buried in my pussy most of the night! That chick had some evil desires! She was so lost, it was as if she didn’t even CARE about the filthy things her man was doing with me. All-in-all, REALLY HAPPY CUSTOMERS, who have since booked me privately for some additional partying, and all going to my fave charity, of course! But, I digress. Cum Monday morning, I made my way back to Tim, and his warm, inviting, umm, smile. LOL.

So, do you think there was a payoff in all this for Tim? Hmmm. Maybe. What we share is very special. Want to know the secret to how we do it? Accordingly, you may wonder if it’s swinger’s charity time again? So, call me. So, let’s see what we can work out? Giggle.

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