Evil desires aren’t ALWAYS deadly… but, sometimes you may WISH they were! LOL.  Case in point… One sad, little soul who THOUGHT he was in control of things.  Haha.  I guess he thought wrong!  But, poor Baby… He’d NEVER CUM up against the likes of ME before!  Now, I won’t say I’m EVIL… per se… at least not personified… not dastardly.  But, a little shaken.  Yeah.  Now, you’ve got me. (Wicked grin and giggle.)   Especially if I’m out of town on vacation.  And in the U.S. city that CUMS ALIVE for Carnival, so much the better!

I arrived in NOLA two days early so, I could be well rested (and had settled into my drink schedule.  Tee-hee) for Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday for some of you.  I had checked into my room at the Soniat House Hotel on Chartres Street a little early to get in some much-needed fuck time with a few of the locals… Pierre had things all lined up for my enjoyment.  Back home in Cali I pretty much work non-stop.  So, it’s always good to get away and mix it up without having to worry about being on a schedule.  Room number 206 is my favorite.  And I just LOVE the ambience of the Soniat.  It reminds me of my home back in France.  Not overdone… Understated, but elegant because of it.


By the time Pierre arrived with my… ahem… guests, I was clad in my new black chiffon penoire set from La Perla and the crotch of my very eXXXpensive delicates were already dripping with desire for the men filing into my suite. YUM!  Is it really wrong of me to be so filled with evil desires that it’s practically insatiable?  I don’t think so.  What’s to be reserved about?  As far as I’m concerned, YOLO (You Only Live Once!), so… go for it! Am I right?  So, there they were.  All cocks leaking onto the floor.  But, I didn’t give a damn.  They weren’t MY floors.  Giggle.  Leak away!  Of course, I planned to catch as much pre-CUM as I could before they hit those beautiful, old, antebellum floors.  What?  A girl does what she can to preserve history.  I’m not a heathen! Hahaha.

So, did I ever get to Mardi Gras proper?  Ahhh.  Not so much last year. But, I’ve been for the past 10 years, so I pretty much know if I’m missing anything.  And everything that was worth DOING that year… was already standing naked in my suite about to endure my evil desires.  And DAMN, did it feel like Carnival!  I’m already chomping at the bit for next year’s delicacies a la Pierre.   Wanna join me for a little road trip?  I’ll suck you dry LONG before we get to NOLA.  And for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to take the trip, call me.  I’ll make you feel every lap of my warm, wet tongue… Just like my pets down south.  Giggle

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CUMming 2Gether Is EXXXplosive!

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