This new guy I’ve been dating, I’ve had some doubts about him. He seemed really sweet and old fashioned, which is a refreshing change from most of the guys I date that seem to think I’m going to fuck them on the first date. This guy isn’t religious or anything, but he said he likes to take things slow. We went to the movies on our first date and he held my hand which was very sweet, he didn’t even try to grab my boob or slip his hand up my skirt.

The next week we went to a nice restaurant and had a private booth away from everyone and I thought for sure I’d get some teasing under the table, nope. Nothing more than a peck on the cheek when he dropped me off at home and I had invited him in for a drink even. A few nights later he invited me to watch a meteor shower in a park, I thought ok, the blanket under the stars, this is it. And again…nothing More than a pristine peck on the lips, no tongue even! I was beginning to think he just wanted a friend or something, since this was bizarre.I went home still horny as hell and had to masturbate again and again.


So I invite him over for a home cooked meal and thought if nothing happens tonight, that’s it, I will put this behind me. We had a lovely meal and settled in to watch a movie and I was surprised when he did snuggle a bit closer and began to kiss me, really kiss me and I was thrilled. I guess he’d waited long enough and I soon found myself on my back on the couch with him pinning me down. My air conditioner seemed to have stopped working, since it was growing awfully warm in here, but I wasn’t complaining, after all these weeks, I was so fucking horny !I was glad to finally get some action out of this guy.

He pulled his shirt off over his head and he was all damp with sweat. It was beading on his forehead and I could smell his musky scent mixed with his cologne. There was a trickle of sweat between my breasts and he took my bra off and started sucking on my nipples and getting them hard in his mouth. I was feeling very wet and wanted that cock so badly in my cunt I was literally throbbing for it to enter me. I reached down and undid his belt and his cock sprung out and I could feel it so hard in my hand. I wanted to guide it into my weeping cunt and have him pound me so hard, and he did, he thrust it in and I gasped at its girth.

I’d waited weeks for this and he was finally fucking me and I was just bucking my hips up to meet his cock and grind against clit. I clawed at his back and could feel his damp skin. I grabbed at his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper inside of me with every thrust and his full balls were slapping me and I could tell we were both getting closer and closer to exploding against one another. The room was so hot and it smelled of our sex and I clenched down on his dick with my spasming pussy as I came and he shot his hot load of cum into my cunt until it puddled beneath me. Fuck, it had been worth the wait.

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