I see him looking at me out of the corner of his eye as I sit at the bar, waiting for my “To Go” order. He’s a new server. A HOT new server. A  sexy random stranger to fantasize about  stranger sex while I wait. It always makes me feel SO dirty, sitting a few feet away from a guy, pussy getting soaking wet while I imagine all the deliciously dirty things he would do to me and I would do to him!

I realize my eyes have been closed. They pop open just in time to see that he is staring BACK at me! His eyes lingering over my long legs encased in those tight, worn-out jeans; making their way up my body, to those big perfect natural tits, covered only by a very thin white tank top; then up to my face, staring me right in the eye! Almost as if daring me to react!

 I smile my most mischievous smile and stare right back at him.

I can tell he’s not used to that reaction! I’ll bet it makes his cock hard to stare at women and make them blush and look away. That’s not how it’s “going down” today!  I decide right then and there: I am having some HOT random stranger sex with this guy and turning his world upside down! I stand up, giving him an “I DARE you to follow me” look, and walk slowly to the ladies’ room door- then through it, without looking back.

Then I go to the mirror and pull a tube of lipstick out of my purse- cocksucker red, of course! I hear the door open and get pushed shut quickly. Then I smile to myself, then pretend not to notice him as I smooth that brilliant, shiny red lipstick slowly and carefully over my little pink pout. From behind me I hear his voice for the first time. “I can’t go back to work with bright red lipstick stains all over me.” I turn to face him, and laugh softly. “Don’t worry sweetheart. No one will be looking for lipstick stains where I will be leaving them.”  With that I drop to my knees and tug aggressively at his belt. If I’m going to grace him with some of MY hot random stranger sex?

I’m at least going to check out what I’m working with FIRST!

His impressively thick cock springs free as I tug those pants and boxers down. He looks around nervously and I laugh again as I look up at him. I whisper one word, very softly. A question.

Was he?
Would YOU be?

Maybe I will give you a “Part 2” to this story. Or, maybe I’ll make you be bold and call me for the rest instead!

You’re not chicken… are you?  😉

Teen Phone Sex!