Our hot step mom and our first camping trip. Time to break our family in.

It was a hot summer day in my home town with our hot step mom. I was on my way to the river with my family. We were going to go fishing and camp out for the weekend. I was so excited. My dad had had just remarried and it was going to be our first weekend together with my new step mom. Her name was Vickie and she was so sexy. I could barely hide my attraction toward her.

I learned a lot of thing’s that summer, let’s just say Vickie’s river does not run dry.

I sat in the back seat of my dad’s Jeep as we bumped down the rugged road to the campsite. Vickie sat in the front seat, but I still had a clear view of her massive boob’s bouncing the entire way.

I looked over and I could see my brother looking too. He was doing his best to hide his erection. The sun was starting to set and the only thing that could be seen were the headlights in front of the Jeep. So I decided to help my brother out. I unzipped his jeans and started to jerk him off. After all, he can’t be showing up to camp with a giant hard-on. I was just being a good sister.

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We finally arrived at camp and Vickie was the first to jump out. Her dress was stuck to her ass from sitting too long and you could see everything. I felt my panties get wet but I did my best to hide it. My dad love’s to go night fishing so after we set up camp he took off to the river for some late night fishing.

My brother and I were sharing a tent together and decided to turn in early. I was still so horny and needed some release. Vickie also retired to her tent. So naturally, my brother and I started fooling around. Just as he was about to stick his large cock in me we heard our tent unzip.

It was Vickie, all dressed up in her see-through lace nighty. For being almost 40 she had the body of a Goddess, a true MILF! Him and I both stammered trying to get dressed but step mom just smiled and sat in the middle of us.

“Now what are you kids up to? Being naughty again?” She said.

Our eyes grew wide. Again? How did she even know that we have done this before, many many times before?

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“I can hear you guys at night. Regina, you are not very quiet when you cum. Intact you pretty much scream.” She laughed. “But I do not see how it is fair that you guys get to have all the fun! I am part of this family too now!”

My brother and I looked at each other and smiled. Vickie leaned over and started to kiss me as she took my brother’s cock and started to stroke it. It was our ultimate fantasy coming true. She was very forceful in her sexual commands. He was clearly the dominant one in this.

She told me to get my sweet little taint over to my brother’s mouth so he can suck it.

I did everything she said. I felt my brother start to lick me faster and more aggressively as she slipped his throbbing cock into our hot step mom pussy! He came right away. He could barely contain himself. He was not even able to warn her in time and shot his giant load into our hot step mom.

She smiled and slipped off his cock, his cum juice was dripping from it. She then told me to get on my hand’s and knee’s and lick up every last drop of this cum. Of course, I did as I was told.

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“Regina did not even get fucked. Bad boy! You must learn to hold your cum better! But don’t worry we will work on it. I taught your father everything he know’s!” Vickie said as she ran circles around my clit. “You want to cum so bad don’t you Regina? Mmm, I can tell.”

Then we herd our dad walking back to camp. We always know when he is coming because he will whistle the same tune.

“Sound’s like your father is back. I think a young man should learn how to properly fuck a woman. Regina, you will be the one to help demonstrate for your brother and I.”

Then she called my father to the tent. She told him how my brother cannot hold his load. He shook his head, bent me over, and showed me how a real man fucks.

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