You’ve been dying to beg for just a taste of my sleek, nylon-clad legs, feet, and toes. What would happen if I said yes?

Admit it, bro; you can’t stop gazing at the hot silky stockings that lovingly caress every inch of my toned thighs and taut calves. Last but not least, imagine just how delicious it will be when I slide my feet out of my expensive, patent leather stiletto pumps?

When we ended last time in this real-life brother sister foot fetish experience, you were kneeling there in my bedroom as you hungrily polished the slick, midnight-black leather with your tongue. My pussy throbbed as I watched you kiss and lick your way over the top of one shoe, then the other.

If I slipped off my pumps to show you how pretty my pedicured toes look while encased in shimmery, nude nylon, what’s the worst that could happen?

I’m not afraid to admit that just the sight of my tall, strong brother kneeling at my feet was soaking my lace-and-silk panties. Seriously, just watching the way you’re fondling my shoes made me want to cum right then and there! Acting on impulse, I gently removed my foot from your grasp long enough to allow the expensive pump to slide off. This, of course, exposed the entire length of my arched foot for your viewing pleasure.

Your reaction tells me everything I need to know, brother. You’re hungry for my hot silky stockings, don’t deny it!

Cradling my silk-covered, dainty foot in your large hands as if it were the most precious treasure, you did something that shocked and thrilled me at the same time. Lifting my left foot to your face, you groaned softly while pressing soft, worshipful kisses to my delicate arch. Wow, that felt SO amazing. In fact, I couldn’t help myself as I moaned aloud, “Oh yes, big bro. Please don’t stop. Show me what you need.”

You swallowed, and then, tentatively, shyly, slowly, you licked a hot, wet trail downward, getting closer to my exquisitely-pedicured toes. Groaning happily, I wriggled those little digits, inflaming us both. Meanwhile, I allowed the other pump to slowly fall off my right foot.

You know where that foot’s going next, don’t you?

Distracted by the toes tap-dancing across your parted lips, you don’t notice at first that my right foot is descending toward the huge bulge in your jeans. At the same time, I sensually push my big toe into your moist mouth, making you whimper helplessly. Instinctively, you start to suck.

I was getting higher and higher, my pussy pulsing, heart pounding as you kissed and licked at the wet nylon. Furthermore, the heat built even higher as you tried to suck all five of my toes into your mouth. Firmly pressing the arch of my right foot against your incredibly massive erection, I slowly stroked it as I watched you suckle.

This is wild, brother! I had no idea it would be such a turn on to see anyone worship my hot, silky stockings.

Even better, the fact that you’re my sexy older brother makes it even more exciting! I was so aroused to watch and feel you kissing my stockinged feet. After all, you didn’t just kiss me, no. You thoroughly slurped and licked and suckled your way from my little toes, over my arches, around my ankles, then up my toned calves. Then, you kept going, groaning with enjoyment as you kissed and nibbled my inner thighs.

Don’t my hot silky stockings make your mouth water like crazy, baby?

I groaned too, realizing you could probably smell the sweet pussy scent wafting through the soaked crotch of my black panties. Your hands caressed my calves and thighs as you dragged your tongue up my inner thigh and over the lacy top of my stocking, getting closer and closer …

Easing forward on the vanity stool, I spread my legs wider as he pressed closer, his head becoming wedged between my trembling thighs. Next, I tangled my fingers in his hair. Then I gently pulled him closer as I moaned with the huge wave of need that rapidly filled my body.

“Oh yes, brother, do it. Kiss and lick and suck on my panties. Don’t they taste gooood?!”

Wasting no time, he did exactly that. Omg, it felt so amazing to feel his warm mouth and hot breath against the thin, drenched silk material that barely concealed my swollen pussy lips. As I pulled his face more firmly against my wet cunt, I told you how wonderful it felt to have you kissing and sucking on me down there.

I couldn’t believe it, but he was actually getting me off just from sucking at me through the silky nylon crotch. I hunched forward on the stool, shoving my crotch into his face. My hands were now fisted at the back of his head as I ground my throbbing cunt in his face. “Fuck, baby! You’re gonna make me cum!” And fuck yes, that’s exactly what you did.

I screamed as my pussy exploded, creamy cum practically shooting through my panties and into his waiting, eager mouth. Being the perfect brother, you suckled my pantied crotch so intensely that I thought you were practically going to swallow them in your eagerness to get every drop of my cum.

Panting softly, I lovingly caressed your face as I praised you for making me orgasm so very hard. Who knew that your attraction to my hot silky stockings would lead us here?

By then, you were practically grinding your rigid dick against my stocking-covered foot. Clearly, you were in need of relief. I encouraged you to pull your cock out so I could stroke it, the slide of the nylons against your shaft making you jerk wildly. Leaning down, I purred into your ear, “Mmm, does someone need to cum for me?” At my words, your entire body convulsed. Then, of course, long jets of your creamy jizz shot all over my foot as you gasped helplessly.

Looking breathless yet sated, you rested your face against my thigh. Then, you looked up at me with an inexplicable expression. Indeed, it was a mixture of part pain and part joy, along with a little embarrassment and a lot of relief. “Thanks, Sis. I love you. I love your pretty feet and shoes and just all of you. Thank you for letting me love you.”

I patted your head, then took your hand. After that, I stood up, pulling you gently to your feet. I kissed your mouth lightly as I clung to you, my lips lingering. “Brother, I’m going to strip down to just my stockings and stilettos. Then I’ll lay down on my bed, and …  Ready to worship your little sis?”

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