One day, I found out by accident that my silky, nylon clad feet and sexy shoes are a huge turn on for my naughty big brother.

It happened one afternoon when I was pulling on my shimmery stockings. Specifically, stockings, a garter belt, and tiny thong panties, which all make me feel so very wicked. And of course, high heels make me purr! Even more, let’s “pair” this with the hot brother sister foot fetish fantasy that became oh-so-real when I was just barely 18!

Of course, you’re wondering how I found out about men and their perverted longings for my perfect feet and exquisite shoes, aren’t you? Hint: It probably started with you and your secret foot fetish!

Anyway, I sat down at my vanity so that I could pull up one stocking, then the other. Then, I glanced up into the mirror and saw my older brother Chase, standing in my bedroom doorway.  As he stared at me, his hand moved up and down in his pocket, which made it blatantly clear that he was fondling his hard dick.

But I suddenly realized that he wasn’t staring at my young, firm breasts nor my black, pretty panties. No, he was staring at – wait for it – my FEET!

Shockingly, I felt the biggest rush ever. But back then, I didn’t really know a fetish from a french fry! However, I -did- know that my big brother on the verge of exploding in his pants, just from looking at my cute tootsies. Pretending that I didn’t know he was there, I turned my leg one way, then the other, acting as though I were checking out the way my stockings fit.

One after the other, I slid my feet into sleek black patent leather, open-toed Louboutin pumps with 5-inch heels. Meanwhile, I kept an eye on my elder sibling, who looked like he was about to lose his mind. Chase licked his dry lips, blue-eyed gaze glued to my feet as I pretended to adjust the fit of the expensive shoes.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute as I stood and assessed my reflection in the mirror. Even back then, I had a curvy little body; upturned 34B breasts and a rounded, firm ass. Last but not least, we can’t forget my slim, pedicured size 8 feet and my long, tanned legs.

Arching a brow as I turned around, I purred “Hello, Chase. See something you like, big brother?”

“Um hi, Angel,” he mumbled, obviously struggling to keep his eyes on my face.

“What do you think of my new shoes? Aren’t they hot?” I casually asked with a sly smile.

Visibly swallowing, he managed to nod his head. “Oh yeah. They look really … nice.”

“Pfft, seriously? Is that the best you can do? I think they’re absolutely perfect. Just look at the way they show off my feet and legs!”

To emphasize my point, I gave him a mock pout while pivoting on my toes. After all, it was important to make sure he could fully appreciate every slick angle of this brother sister foot fetish, am I right?

Chase couldn’t seem to stop staring at my feet as he stood there with his hand still in his pocket in a futile attempt to conceal his massive boner.

“Whatcha got in your pocket, brother? Lemme see,” I teased him.

Predictably, his face turned red as he choked, “W-what do you mean, little sis? It’s just my hand.”

“Right, and I’m a virgin,” I snickered, then theatrically clapped a hand over my mouth. “Oops, did I say that aloud?! Shit, don’t tell Mom and Dad!”

Chase gave me what I could only describe as a very cocky grin. “Our parents think you’re still a virgin? Ha! Hmm, what would you give me to stay quiet…” he smirked, but gave himself away as his eyes sunk right back down to my toes again.

I snorted. “You’re not fooling anyone, Chase. I’ve seen you staring at my feet. Dontcha wish you could worship them?”

“Furthermore,” I continued, “Unless you want Mom and Dad to know about your brother sister foot fetish, you’ll do everything I say!”

“Now, tell me.” I said conversationally as I casually turned this way and that, displaying my feet to perfect advantage. “Aren’t these the sexiest shoes you’ve ever seen? I know you’d like to touch them, wouldn’t you?” Indeed, this was it, make it, or break it. But after all, I was merely offering him the opportunity to do what his fetish-driven brain (and aching cock!) wanted to do anyway.

My brother stared at my feet, and then my face as he seemed to practically vibrate with passionate need. I licked my lips as I noticed the spreading pre-cum stain on his jeans. “Mmm, yummy,” I squirmed with pleasure as I thought about all the delicious things we were about to do together.

This was definitely a brother sister foot fetish dream “cum” true!

Breathing hard, he gently lifted one of my feet in his hands as if it were the most precious treasure in the world. Trembling, he maintained eye contact with me as he bent down to worshipfully press his lips to the warm leather over and over again.

“Oooh, that’s an excellent start,” I groaned softly as Chase began polishing my shoes with long sweeps of his agile tongue. “If you’re a very good boy, just think of what I might let you do with my toes!”

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