Secret Foot Fetish: I’ve seen you staring at my shiny black patent leather boots, you know. The reason why is super obvious!

Secret foot fetish stories like this one will make you wish you were kneeling at my feet, admit it! Anyway, I saw you on the Metro again last night. After working late again at my sex lab internship, I’d hurried onto the train and took the first available seat. Of course, that happened to be right next to you. Biting my lip to contain my grin, I watched you stare at my feet like you usually do. Oh, look at that. Is that a big boner I see beneath those maroon ASU track pants, baby? It’s important to realize that you have ZERO control over your kinky little fetish.

Although you always try to pretend that you’re unaffected, everyone can see you licking your lips as you stare at my feet!

Matter of fact, If we weren’t attending the same university, I’d wonder if you were taking the night train just to follow me. Snugly encasing my slim calves and made of black, supple leather, your eyes follow me whenever I cross my legs in my seat or even tap a pointed foot. Sometimes I do it purposely, just to make you squirm.

It was unseasonably hot today, and I wore sheer nude pantyhose under my short skirt. My pedicured toes had been sweating inside my boots all day and I was ready to take them off!

But not quite yet. At my stop, I notice that you’ve followed me off the train this time. How interesting. You’ve never done that before. What could you have in mind?

I proceed into the parking garage toward my car, taking my time. Casually glancing over my shoulder, I see that you’re still following me. Good.

Reaching my convertible, I deliberately drop my keys, purposely thrusting out my firm, college girl ass. After all, you’ve been dying for a good, long look at the backs of my shapely thighs, caressed by shimmering pantyhose and gleaming black leather.

Feeling your smoldering gaze upon my young, toned body, I hear your footfalls come to stop a few feet away. I straighten, turning to look at you as you slowly lick your lips.

I know what you desire. Admit it, your mouth is watering and your cock is about to explode. I know what you *need*.

Will you fall to your knees as you beg to taste my leather? Indeed, will you plead with me in hopes that I might allow you to worship the beautiful, tanned, sexy feet within? Finally, will you admit to the femdom fetish you’ve always had for me?

But first, will you be permitted to LICK my boots? Beg prettily for me, pet.

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