Hot Sibling Rivalry is in full effect in our house.

My sister and I equal the definition of Hot Sibling Rivalry. I know Daddy enjoys when we both bicker over who gets to be his favorite Princess. It’s no doubt that Daddy is a king. Two hot daughters that will do everything he craves. It’s never a dull moment with both of us. Daddy is the best when it comes to juggling both of his Princesses. Both of us will always end up coming together to make that big Daddy cock cream. A happy daddy is all that matters in the equation. Daddy knows how to satisfy our needs. Together we make any dull day a better one. We have the magic touch and use it so well on him.

Two is better than one.

Daddy tells his princesses that all the time. How lucky is he that he gets the best blowjobs ever with the help of our pretty mouths? One to suck his cock and the other to deep throat his balls. I enjoy it when we compete. I like to take all of Daddy’s jizz, and I know deep down, my sister isn’t always ready to take a massive load and swallow. It is safe to say she has a more challenging time gulping a considerable load. Unlike me, I am all for cum shots the size of Texas deep in my mouth. I’m so good with it that this hot sibling rivalry doesn’t phase me.

Cocksucking Olympics: I’m in 1st place.

My nights sneaking out and solidifying myself as the ultimate slut and indulging in Party Girl Fun have their perks. I’m the best little freak ever, and I have the advantage over my sister to show it in several ways. I may be a tad younger, but I have been daring and don’t deny myself. Hot Sibling Rivalry is fun and games until one of us had all Daddy’s undivided attention. All hell breaks loose, and it’s war. Daddy’s dick is in great use with us. I may have the cocksucking skills and cum swallowing ability my sister doesn’t possess, but I have to admit she’s the best anal slut ever. I usually have to work my way into a nice ass pound. Daddy convinces me to spread my perky bubble butt for him by licking my pussy and having me so wet I can’t say no.

My tight little pussy.

On the other hand, I’m known to make daddy nut so fast. My sister has to catch up because it’s clear that I’m the favorite. That’s, of course, until Daddy has his fun with my sister’s devious side. A little choking action drives him wild, and my sister has excellent pain tolerance, so she’s always begging to be choked out and paddled. She sure loves bare-ass beatings. One thing is for sure Daddy loves that there’s a Hot Sibling Rivalry between us and uses it to his advantage.

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