All my hot sex stories start out with foreplay..

Hot sex is a bit of an art. I mean, anyone can be a little tease, and anyone can jump right into being fucked like the porn stars do. However, to really get a guy started, the girl has to be dripping wet and begging for it. Even when it’s a Domme and her sub, all the fun is in the foreplay of getting the sub to please her, so she’ll reward him. When it’s a Master and his little kitten, he’s always teasing and making her so wet that she has to beg. Hot sex always starts with a back and forth of favors, and an overload of pleasure. My pussy’s always aching for a good tease, even when I’m being a brat and craving instant gratification.

I just love a good tease.

And so do the boys! Even a little 69 can do wonders for the imagination. With my warm body climbing over yours, and a face full sweet, juicy folds for you to explore.. I’ll be toying with your fantasies just by using my tongue, and letting you use yours in return. God, I’m getting a little excited already, just thinking about it. All the foreplay and kisses really drive it home for me. A little tension goes a long way when it comes to getting what you really want. Sometimes I even like to break the handcuffs out to play.. When it’s someone really macho and hands-on, a little role reversal totally swaps the playing field. The second I take control with the teasing.. is the second you start aching to cum.

But of course, I can’t be that nice, baby. You’re not allowed to reach your peak until I’ve teased and tormented you enough.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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