I was in a party mood last night and wanted Hot Sex so I got dressed up and went out clubbing. My girlfriends all had plans so I went solo but I didn’t end the night that way.

I Needed Hot Sex.  The night went by so fast thanks to knocking back way too many drinks. Dancing with so many guys that I probably set a record. I didn’t care, I just felt like I wanted Hot Sex and to have a good time and I wanted to go all night long.

 A few guys tried to get lucky but I didn’t like any one of them so I just used them for entertainment. I let them hold me, tell me how sexy I was and rubbed my body against theirs. I got hornier as the night went on. By the time the club started emptying out, I was a mess. My tits were hard and pointy, rubbing against my bra while my panties were stuck to my wet pussy.

 I went to get another drink and the bartender told me he was cutting me off so I pouted, batted my eyelashes and told him to give me one more, please?

He caved and gave it to me as he told me I owed him one. I smiled at that but knew my chances of getting laid tonight were running out because all the hot guys were taken now and I was the last one. Oh well, the bartender was still there and he was trying to get me to leave. I was trying to get some Hot Sex.

 He was wiping down the bar as I leaned on it and told him that I couldn’t leave yet. Wanting to thank him for that drink I hopped up on the bar and he tried to push me down, telling me I was drunk and that he was going to call me a cab. I told him I must be drunk because he looked hot enough to fuck and got on my knees.

He ignored me until I started pulling my dress up then he got interested.

I took it off then slid my hands into the waistband of my panties. Asking him if he still wanted me to leave. The horny fucker didn’t so I took my panties off and kicked them at him. I knew he would be into dirty sex stories.

 Leaning back on my elbows I threw my legs open, showing him my smooth pussy. I ran a finger over my lips then dipped it inside, thrusting slowly as he rubbed his dick through his pants. “It’ll be more fun if you join me,” I said as juices dripped down my hand and he hopped up on the bar. I reached out and tugged down his zipper.  He pushed his pants down around his knees and I laid flat on my back.

I hooked my hands around the back of my knees, Then pulled my legs up in the air so I was wide open for him. “Come on, stuff me full of dick,” I begged him and he got between my legs.

He shoved his dick in me and started fucking me. My ass rubbed on the counter as I held onto my legs.

 My clit was an aching bump and he panted on top of me as he went at me. Juices leaked out of me as he got rougher, driving his dick as deep as it could go while I took it.

  It didn’t take long for him to cum I felt it drip out of me as he got off me. I let go of my legs and let the counter get all messy as I laid there. “Now you can call me a cab,” I told him. Then I tried to get dressed with as much dignity as I could.

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