Hot Sex Therapy With My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I were having serious sexual problems, and I had no idea why. He suddenly didn’t want hot sex anymore, and we hadn’t had sex in months. Our sex had always been amazing for the past 2 years of our relationship. Then, I found the problem: he had been watching porn. I told him we needed sex therapy. He reluctantly agreed.

At the office, we were greeted by a husband and wife team, Dr. Brett and Dr. Karen, who were extremely attractive. My boyfriend then stormed out of the office saying, “I’m not doing this, Savanna!” I was so distraught I left their office too.

But I couldn’t get the hot therapist Dr. Brett off my mind. I decided to go back to the office that night to seduce him. Wearing only my trench coat and black stilettos, I entered his office. He was alone. I took off my coat, bearing my hot, naked body, leaving my stilettos on, and proceeded to kiss him. He immediately kissed me back, grabbing my tight ass and pulling me close to him. He took off his pants and I grabbed his big, hard cock.

My Wife Walked In

Just as he did, his wife walked in. “What the fuck is going on here,” she demanded. “You know we only work with couples together with hot phone sex!”

“Savanna just needed some comforting so I thought we could help her with our hot phone sex therapy techniques,” he replied. Dr. Karen then came over to me and began kissing me too. I was so turned on, I put my hand up her skirt and began fingering her tight pussy. She then pushed my head down toward her cunt and said, “Suck my pussy, you little whore!”

As I sucked her pussy, Dr. Brett shoved his rock hard cock inside my pussy from behind. He was rough about it, but it turned me on. Dr. Karen was begging to cum, telling me, “Don’t stop until you make me cum, you little slut!” I kept sucking her clit, fingering her pussy, and grabbing her tits in my hand. She came hard all over my mouth, and her pussy juice tasted like candy. Just when she was cumming, I felt my own pussy explode, to one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had!

My sex therapy with Dr. Brett and Dr. Karen turned out to be the best sex of my life!

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