I’m back and ready to tell you all the hot sex stories that unfolded on my fuck-cation!!

I’ve missed you dirty boys so much while I was off porking in paradise, and I have so many new hot sex stories to share! I can’t wait to tell you all the tantalizing details and have some steamy phonesex.  Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

If you read my last blog before I took off on my sexy little adventure you know my cuckold hubby sent me and 3 of my favorite stud muffins on a sexy little trip to make up for him being away on business so much. (And maybe to help make up for his little cock, too.) He booked us a small but sumptuous private plane and our first tawdry tale begins as I sank down into the supple leather of my seat.

At first, I was dreading the flight, because flying always turns me into a ball of nerves. However, as we reached altitude I began to relax.

Of course, having the 3 hottest cocks I know all seated around me was an excellent distraction.

I was staring at Derrick seated directly across from me as he flipped through his phone. He is absolutely gorgeous, the very definition of tall, dark and handsome, and literally the finest big black cock I have ever laid eyes on. His tight charcoal grey t-shirt stretching over his muscled chest and arms. I wanted to rip it off of him and devour him.  those rippling muscles made me think of the girthy muscle that I knew was waiting for me in his pants.  While I was too busy drooling, he looked up and caught me staring and chuckled. I felt my face redden, but even more, I felt my pussy moisten and tingle.

I quickly crossed my legs and pressed my thighs together to quell my arousal, but it was no use. These boys could read my body like a book. They saw my excitement plain as day.

Derrick gave me a knowing look and said: “Looks like someone can’t wait for the plane to land.” Zach, who was seated next to me, leaned over and laid his hand on my thigh and said two little words that made me melt into my chair.

“Why wait?”

With that, Derrick knelt down on the floor and pulled my ass to the edge of my leather seat as Zach started pulling off my dress.

Sucking and fucking three gorgeous cocks as we hurtled through the sky, a mile up in the air… Does that make me a member of the three-mile-high club? Is that a thing? It is now! Regardless, a perfect start to a perfect fucking vacation. 😉

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