Hot Sex Stories: You will look so seductive, so tantalizing with your new persona.

Hot Sex Stories: Are you just dying to let the real you come alive? Do you like to look pretty and sexy? Let me help you do just that. I love to have a girlfriend to get all made up with from head to toe. I will spend the time to teach you how to look as hot as me and we can go out together to a bar and dazzle those men with our sexiness. These types of True Sex Stories are simply the best!

First I will teach you how to apply makeup with the best products available. I will spend the time with you to make your skin glow, your eyes pop and your lips shine. Your face will look fabulous. Then I will dress you in a sexy, satiny and seductive bra, panties and stockings to make you feel like a sexy woman. I will lend you a sexy short skirt to show your shapely legs and a sparkly blouse to add to your sexy look. We can curl or straighten your hair or put on a sexy long wig ….whatever you need to look beautiful and bring out that hotness in you. You will look so feminine and hot when we are done no one will ever know about your transformation.

We will then go out to a nice lounge, club or bar and have a drink or two. You will be amazed at the attention you will receive from men. You look so seductive, so tantalizing with your new persona.  So very hot. They won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you after you have your life changing makeover.

Let’s Do It!

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