True Sex Stories: Those hot, sexy lips of yours wrap nicely around that big cock!

True Sex Stories: I love my Sissy-sluts! You are my special girl, you love to dress up and look girly and sexy for Mommy when we talk. That makes me so happy. I love talking to you about all the nasty things you long to do, and how I’m going to lead you astray! When you call, I’ll be asking you just what you’re wearing. I’m hoping you have on some girly, pink panties and cocksucking-red lipstick. You make me smile when you tell me your makeup is all done and you’re looking your sexiest.

I think it’s time I introduce you to some pleasures you can really sink your teeth (or at least those fabulous lips) into. If you cooperate it will not have to be another one of my Forced Sex Stories. You’re so eager to please me, and I’m eager to pimp you out! That’s what I want to do. I want to have you waiting while I bring in Daddy who will make good use of every girly inch of you. You’ll be waiting on your knees for the first introduction, for the first big, hard dick to push its way into your mouth! Mmm. Those hot, sexy lips of yours wrap nicely around that big cock! Did you know there are other cocks waiting for your attention? You’re so girly and cute and so willing and eager to please, nobody could resist you.

How many Daddy dicks do you think you can handle? I wonder if you like being pimped out by Mommy. I think you do. It took some time for you to admit it, even to yourself. You’re a sissy, a slut, and you love to service a bunch of big hard dicks while being dressed to kill and with perfect makeup. And I’m the one you trusted to take you there. Call Mommy when you want to go again.

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