Hot Sex On A Platter: Getting Closer With A Boy Toy

Dear Perverts…I know you must be wondering what the hell this blog is going to be about. You know things in my corner of the kingdom are more than meets the eye. Hot sex is my calling, but some of you have gotten to know the woman behind all the sucking and fucking. I love to suck, fuck, tease and deny, but every once in awhile, someone shows up with a little more than “bang” for his buck.


I can’t tell you his name…


But the first time we talked, he made me cum five times. Ever since then, he’s never let me go with less than three orgasms. I always know I’m going to be VERY well taken care of in every imaginable way when he calls. He never rushes, he’s so sexy and sensual. My body is always so ready from all the teasing he delivers. He won’t even let me touch myself until I’m throbbing with desire. God forbid I put a vibrator on my clit too soon, I just explode right away. I know because it’s happened!


I love it when he calls!


It always makes me smile when I see his call because I know hot sex is on the menu. On these cold, midwestern winter nights he brings the Hawaiian heat. His thick cock is guaranteed to fuck a powerful orgasm out of my tight pussy! One is never enough for this sexy stud. When I think I can’t cum anymore, he always says, “just one more, baby” and he always gets his way.

He loves a sexy role play.


I love building up the tension with him in a hot role play. The delicious teasing is such a turn on – he knows exactly how to play his part to give me goosebumps! My favorite part about roleplays is they always end in multiple orgasms! That’s already my ultimate fantasy! Hot sex any way we want it!


Getting to know my boy toy has been great.


His personality, his sense of humor always put me at ease. You pervs know I love to fuck, but I’m not an easy nut to crack. Hot sex with me is always a go, even when the super sappy stuff isn’t. The more we talk, the hotter it gets. Regular fuck buddies have better sex than one night stands, you know. The same goes for phone sex. Looking for a regular fuck buddy? Call me and find out for yourself what this blog was all about.

Phone Sex Girls!