My Girlfriend Told Me  They Always Had Hot Sex

I was at this Christmas party the other night and the guy I came with left me for another woman. I was not impressed, nor did I have a ride home or enough money on me for cab fare. Just then I spotted someone I knew. But I hated this asshole. It was the ex boyfriend of a friend of mine and we lived in the same city. My girlfriend always told me they had lots of hot sex. But he was a cheat and a liar, and I always saw right through him .And never trusted him. How the hell could I ask a favor of someone I couldn’t stand?

 He Knew I Wasn’t Into Him

He knew I didn’t like him, but surely he had some shred of humanity in him. I told him I’d been abandoned by my date and didn’t have money to get home. Could I please get a ride back with him when he was ready to go home? He laughed at me since he knew I didn’t like him. But I guess in the spirit of Christmas and all, he agreed to let me tag along. He was about ready to leave anyway so said to come out now and get in the car.
We chit chatted a bit and he then asked if my friend had ever told me what a good fuck he was. And how many times they had hot sex. I was a bit taken aback by his statement but said yes, I’d heard. He asked if I was curious what he’d be like in bed, especially since he knew I didn’t like him.And  he said sometimes ones that hate each other can have very hot sex. The hate and passion being so closely related and all. I was shocked at this jerk saying such a thing. But then it fit with his overall personality.

 It Started With A Hot Passionate Kisshot sex dana

We got to my door and he asked if he could come in for a minute. I found it odd, but said sure. I offered him a coffee and as I was making it he came up behind me and cupped my breasts and spun me around and kissed me. Before I could even think I was on the receiving end of a very hot and passionate kiss. I surprised myself by not pushing him away. Our clothes seemed to come off as in slow motion as he led me to the couch. And pushed me back, a bit roughly. He was soon on top of me and then inside of me, fucking my brains out and unbelievably I wasn’t protesting. My girlfriend was right, he was a hot fuck. And this was hot sex, sex I had certainly not expected this evening.
His dick was long and thick and filling my pussy to the max. He grabbed at my breasts and rubbed the nipples and I found my legs wrapping around him and pulling him in deeper in my wet pussy. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and wrenched my neck back, exposing it and he gave me a love bite on the neck. My clit was getting stroked with every thrust of his hard cock and I was soon cumming and crying out as he pounded me and then he grunted and shot his load into me and I could feel squirt after squirt of his cum going in me. We caught our breath and he soon dressed quickly and said it was nice seeing me again. What a weird evening. I doubt it will ever be repeated, but it was hot sex, to be sure.
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