Dana tells hot sex storiesHot Sex Calls, And then I Heard A Familiar Voice

The other night I was just taking phone sex calls as usual, and this familiar voice was all of a sudden in my ear. And I couldn’t believe it. It was an ex-boyfriend of mine from a few years ago. He was equally surprised I was the one answering the phone. We laughed a bit at the odd happening and then started to talk about all the hot sex we’d had when we were a couple. And it got us both to remember how wonderful it was and how hot it made us. It didn’t take long for us to be masturbating together and after the call was over. I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Even though we’d been broken up for several years, I realized I still had his key on my key ring. And I wondered if he still lived at the same place. I drove by and he still had the same car parked out front, so I knew that was a yes. I began to think of a naughty plan. And the next night I was sitting in a coffee shop across from his condo and saw him drive away.

I Still Had A Key To His Condo

I walked over and went to his unit and the key still worked. He had the place all decorated for Christmas. And I had a feeling he wasn’t going to be out for long. So I stripped down to my lingerie. And I picked up a Santa hat he had on one of the displays. I put it on and laid down on the floor and awaited his return. Around twenty minutes later he came in and gasped at the sight of me. And then he smiled and said how glad he was to see me.

It didn’t take long for us to be fucking right there on the faux fur rug next to the fireplace. Practically under the Christmas tree, and it was hot sex the same as it had always been before. His cock felt so right in my pussy, like it had been missing him. He sucked at my nipples as we fucked and I grabbed at his ass cheeks.

His Cock Fit My Pussy Perfectly

I loved the sounds he made as we fucked, his breathing always drove me crazy. He rolled over on his back and I was riding him up and down. My tits shaking as I bucked back and forth on top of him. My stiff clit rubbing against his cock as I rose and fell on him. His hands on my hips helping to rock me back and forth. I moved faster and faster until I exploded on his stiff dick. And of course, my muscles milked his dick and he shot a huge load of his cum right into me.

Hot Sex With My Ex Thanks To Phone Sex

He just lay there rubbing his hands all over me. His flaccid cock buried deep within me still. And I ran my nails up and down his chest and his tummy. Then I could feel him hardening once more in my pussy and then I began to move once more to seek my second release. And this time it was faster and more furious than the first time. I screamed out in ecstasy as I came for the second time. And he squirted into me and we both then just lay there, arms and legs wrapped around one another. Phone sex had brought us back together. I wasn’t sure how long this would last, but it was mighty hot sex whenever we did get together, and I was certainly happy that we had.

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