Hot sex Advice from a Sexy Vixen Part 2 – Tongue and Lip Service

The Hot Sex Advice- Part 1

Hot Sex Advice Pare 2- Tongue and Lip Service, please don’t miss out on the 1st part, click the bold link above and then come back here for more hot sex advice!


Hi guys! Previously we talked about being open-minded, which is key in having lots of HOT sex. Thus next we are moving on to Oral sex. I’m Sure in your college days, you had some college girls that said they LOVED to suck cock. Meanwhile, when she actually sucked your cock it was NOT the greatest experience. If you are married, well I bet it’s been a while since you’ve had any tongue or lip service. Have you ever thought of priming the pump? No, not your pump. HER PUMP.

Compliment your woman. Stoke our egos. I’m still not talking about your cock yet, I’m talking about her technique. Sometimes we need direction. For example, we need to know what feels good and also what doesn’t. Just remember that once you start doing something you need to follow through. Meaning if you want that big beautiful dick sucked (finally) consequently you should eat her pussy, and the likewise.

you do want Hot Sex, don’t you?…

Lastly, don’t be afraid to dive right into that sweet juicy peach. Most men think women want everything at a rapid speed. Tongue flick faster, lick it faster, make her cum faster??? Some chicks maybe like that however, I am not one of them. Foreplay is something I like to take my time with, and I like when my fuck buddy takes his or her *wink time as well. Don’t just tongue flick her! Suck on her pussy, gently. Not like you are trying to get a milkshake up through a straw. Besides, it feels so much better and makes her cum harder if you french kiss her pussy.  Eating her pussy with finesse guarantees your kick-ass blowjob.

Finally, you will get the best HOT sex you have ever had!

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