A medical exam leads to hot rough sex. 

Because I am a nurse I am always hesitant to get any kind of medical exam. I had never had a breast exam and having just turned forty I knew it was time. My best friend recommended a young hot doctor. With that in mind, I went in for my checkup with a wide smile on my face. He was clean-shaven, tall, and very fit. He looked like the kind of guy you would see on Grey’s Anatomy.  I knew he was interested from the very first look he gave me. Being used to this kind of thing, you may expect me to sigh and roll my eyes. However, I had other ideas in mind. This young doctor looked too good to pass up. I suddenly craved hot rough sex with him right there in the examination room.

 My erotic breast examination.

“Hello, Miss Ramona. I would like you to remove all the fabric from your chest area,” he said with his eyes fixated on the wall. He tried politely to avoid eye contact with me so I could have some privacy.

 “Can you please dismiss the nurse? I’m not very comfortable with removing my clothes in front of multiple people,” I requested with some faux innocence.

He complied immediately, almost eagerly. Finally, he was going to see what his already stiff and throbbing cock had been dying to see. I removed my shirt by lifting the bottom, slowly moving it across my skin. I decreased the pace even further once it reached my breasts, lifting them with the hem and making them bounce down when I took it upwards. My smile focused on his ever-imposing erection, my mouth salivating when I imagined the size of it.

The young doctor was red in the face. “Are you not going to check me?” I asked while removing my bra, revealing my perfect tits in all their glory. My thick, pink nipples jutting upwards from the chill in the examination room.

He put his hands on my breasts, gently holding them with his palms. Hesitantly, he cupped them with his fingers and began feeling them. He feigned a confused look as if he was trying to ascertain something from his touch. However, his wandering thumb kept feeling my thick, inviting nipple. I softly moaned every time he did it, seeing his cock throb each time.

“If you’re not finding anything, doctor, I suggest you use something more…sensitive.” I gave him one of my famed “fuck me” looks, and you can bet he did just that.

 My doctor gives me what I need.

Straight away, he had his mouth on my breasts, his tongue stroking the nipple with attention and need. The poor boy was thirsty. So, of course, I let him feed to his heart’s content. Meanwhile, I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his thick cock. It was throbbing uncontrollably. The tip was purple and swollen so I let my hand give it the attention it wanted. My fingers stimulated the shaft while my thumb pressed the tip.

He was quite strong for such a young kid. The doctor picked me up and pushed me against the wall, locking the door with an outstretched arm. Meanwhile, I kept on stroking the ever-growing beast in his pants. His mouth ate at me in haste, biting every inch of my skin. He was uncontrollable – and I loved it. This is the hot rough sex I was craving.

Then I sucked on his cock with deep, measured strokes, making eye contact while I did. He did not disappoint, and I continued feeding on his cock. Oh, the joy of oral sex, until the poor man couldn’t wait to fuck me.

The doctor prescribes another round of hot rough sex.

He laid me down on the hospital bed with my feet in the air. Taking my toe in his mouth, he began thrusting furiously. He looked out of his mind as he let off some steam inside me, and I moaned loudly with each thrust. At this point in our unleashed passion, we didn’t care if anyone outside heard us.

He came hard inside of me. Then he collapsed on top of me completely exhausted. I couldn’t help but smile at this young kid. Before I got dressed I gave him a sweet kiss. As I was walking out the door, he called after me with ragged breath:

“M-Miss Ramona…my tests were inconclusive. Can you…come back tomorrow for some scans?”

The scans were inconclusive too.

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