Creeper at the Grocery Store 

Hot public fun–I always go grocery shopping in the middle of the night, because it seems like that’s when a bunch of hot ladies get done working and head to the market for a late-night snack. Last night was no exception. I set out at 3 am and saw droves of women, dressed in barely anything in a beeline for the sliding doors and the cool, brightly lit haven of that snack emporium.

Of course, it was my fantasy to have some hot public fun with one of these smoke show babes. Many already knew me as the pervy peeping tom across the street. My lucid daydreams were brutally interrupted by a hot, spicy redhead caught my eye. I swear to you she was doing one of those cliche things you see in a corny movie where the girl juggles the melons against her boobs. I grabbed an eggplant and prepared to be slick. 

Double Entendre

The next moment found me in the tractor beams of that gorgeous redhead’s big blue eyes, and I introduced myself. “I see you’ve picked out the nicest melons in the bunch. You must really have an eye for… produce,” I said. She giggled and bit her index finger–game on! Hot public fun?

“Tell me, miss, what do you think of this?” I held out the eggplant to be examined, and she felt it sensuously with her soft little hands, even at moments scratching down its shaft with her long red nails. “It seems juicy,” she replied, “but I like something a little more lively! By the way, my name’s Sadie. Pleased to meet you.”

Horny Redhead Babe

With that, the spicy babe tossed that eggplant behind her left shoulder and looked directly at my crotch! I must admit, the bulge was growing. The heat rose to my cheeks as I imagined the hot public fun we could have. “I h-hope you don’t think me unseemly,” I stuttered, rendered stupid by her glowing beauty and bouncing bosom. 

Without a word, she closed the distance between us, unzipped my pants, and stuck her knowing hand inside. She grabbed my cock and cooed: “I like this eggplant better.” I was flabbergasted but knew what to do: I jettisoned those ripe cantaloupe melons and in the next moment was lustily grabbing Sadie’s triple D knockers!

Attracting a Crowd

I pulled down her shirt and those luscious scoops of vanilla with maraschino cherry nipples popped out. The lusty redhead grabbed my head and buried it in a motorboat ice cream sundae surprise. I grabbed my aching cock and started yanking. The hot public fun was turning up the heat. 

Sadie licked her lips and said, “Mmm, eggplant!” She dropped down to all fours like a dog in heat and started licking my popsicle stick. There was so much precum oozing out I felt like a creamsicle. It was clear that the hot public fun was attracting more visitors than usual, and soon we had a cheering crowd around us…

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