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I am guessing it is possibly where things were starting for you. Having a mommy crush is absolutely normal, darlin’. For most guys, their mother is their first love. So it makes sense she is who you were first sexually attracted to.

She probably has the first real set of titties you see. Maybe even seeing that pussy as she is getting ready for work. In our family, women always love running around naked. Perhaps your mommy is the same way.

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She is buzzing around the house getting ready to go out. You are quietly watching television but also sneaking looks at her naked body. Of course, not too much so Dad doesn’t catch you.

After they head out and the babysitter is there, you head to your room. In your room is a fresh pair of mommy’s pink satin panties. Your small cock is throbbing with excitement. You are just learning to rub on it.

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